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The Original Copper Heeler

Looking for Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis? Try the Original Copper Heeler Insoles

Monday, 9 October 2017  |  John

Arthritis can make almost every aspect of everyday life more difficult, but repeatedly taking painkillers is nowhere near an ideal solution. Because of this, it’s important that you can find a natural pain relief solution that works for you. 

Copper has often been touted as being a solution to a range of ailments, and has been used medically for hundreds of years. Most recently, many have found that absorbing trace amounts of copper through your skin can have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the impact of arthritis among other things. The Original Copper Heeler insoles are one such application of copper as a drug-free pain relief solution for arthritis. 

How Does Copper Help with Arthritis?

Like iron and zinc, copper is a metal vital to our overall wellbeing. However, as we get older our body finds it more difficult to absorb copper. It is believed that copper products like the Copper Heelers enable your body to absorb copper through your skin. 

The exact effect of copper in the body is not yet fully understood. However, it is thought that copper has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which enables it to reduce the impact of arthritis.

What Do Our Customers Say?

We’ve been inundated with reviews for The Original Copper Heeler insoles since we first started selling them. Our customers love to show off how much the insoles have helped reduce their pain and improve their mobility: 

Peter – Can't believe that I felt an improvement in 36 hours, did not believe it would work. The best money I have spent!

Rating:  ★★★★★

Kathleen – I have suffered for quite some time with nerve pains in my feet that made walking very difficult. Within days of using Copper Heelers, I was amazed with the results. I have worn them for four weeks now & the pain in my feet has completely gone. I have no idea why this works, all I know is that it does!

Rating:  ★★★★★

George – Second time I have bought, now got 4 pairs of shoes with heelers. Great product my dodgy knees are gone, they really worked for me.

Rating:  ★★★★★

Alison – Am very surprised, and delighted, at the difference the copper heelers have made to the arthritic pains I had been having for several years. Am now walking easily and am practically pain free. Also the service and delivery were first class.

Rating:  ★★★★★

Blanche – I was advised to get copper insoles to help with my painful knees. I have been wearing them for only a few days and already have less pain and much more mobility. I definitely recommend them!

Rating:  ★★★★★

Celia – I have put these into a pair of shoes I wear regularly and can honestly say that I felt the difference within hours.

Rating:  ★★★★

Jean – After four weeks of wearing my first pair of soles the sharp pains from metatarsal arthritis have disappeared tenfold. It has reached a stage where I can now walk without wincing each time I put my foot down.

Rating:  ★★★★★

Dick – I bought these for my wife who suffers from joint problems after 17 years of farm work. The benefits are already noticeable.

Rating:  ★★★★★

What do the Studies Show?

A number of studies have been done to test the effects of copper on people with arthritis, and while there is no agreed-upon consensus on the effects of copper just yet, there have been a number of interesting and encouraging results. One study found that 96% of 230 volunteers reported an improvement of arthritis symptoms after wearing Copper Heelers – incredibly encouraging for anyone looking for a drug-free solution to their arthritis aches and pains.

Buy Copper Heelers from Health and Care

If you’re interested in buying a pair of Copper Heeler insoles for arthritis, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Health and Care, we’re proud to offer The Original Copper Heelers for a great price with free UK delivery. What’s more, they’re also available in multipack bundles.

Have you found that the Copper Heelers have helped you reduce your arthritis pain? Let us know in the comments or find on Facebook and Twitter!

Monday, 2 October 2017  |  John

The supposed benefits of copper products like The Original Copper Heeler insoles have been bandied about for a number of years, with doctors and sceptics on both sides of the argument. But can copper really help reduce the effects of arthritis? Read on to learn more.

Friday, 22 September 2017  |  John

It's been said that copper products like The Original Copper Heelers can help with arthritis, giving the body more of the much-needed natural metal to help reduce inflammation. While we’re not medically trained, we’re more than happy to share with you the opinions of our happy, satisfied customers who love the freedom from pain and discomfort they’ve felt after wearing the Copper Heelers. Read on to find out what they think.

4 CommentsFriday, 15 September 2017  |  John

Arthritis makes everyday life incredibly difficult, with many sufferers finding that even the most mundane tasks are made harder by this condition. So, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking in different places to find anything that could provide arthritis pain relief. But can a pair of insoles really be the answer? Read on to find out.

2 CommentsThursday, 14 September 2017  |  John

Thousands of people across the country (and indeed the world) have found that copper products like the Original Copper Heeler have helped reduce the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. However, you may have questions about the Copper Heelers and how they can help with your arthritis. Read on to find out how copper insoles can help with your arthritis.