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The New Premier League Season: Products for Protection

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The new football season is underway and in true Premier League style it has started with a glut of goals, plenty of controversy and no shortage of surprise results. Sitting in the stands or on the sofa and watching the match, it is only a matter of time until the inevitable train of thought begins...'you know what, I wouldn't mind a game myself!' Sadly, the inherent risk of sport means there is always a chance of injury and we can't all have a medical team on standby. Knees, ankles, muscles, all are at risk – but that is where we come in.

Here at Health and Care we have rounded up some of the best football-friendly products to keep those troublesome areas protected. So dust off your boots, don that shirt that you swear used to fit and take to the field safe in the knowledge you have done everything in your power to stay fit.


The ankles are possibly the most at-risk area for any footballer. An innocuous twist or roll of the ankle can linger and cause a lot of discomfort in the short term whilst dramatically reducing the resilience of the ankle in the longer term. The Ultimate Performance Football Ankle Support provides maximum protection for sprained, weak, stiff or aching ankles without restricting movement. With a high Achilles and heel cut-out as well as thin side panel, the pioneering design makes the Ultimate Performance Support perfect to wear comfortably with football boots and is fully adjustable to suit your needs.

Should you be unfortunate enough to pick up a knock, we also have something to aid your recovery. The Donjoy Arcticflow Foot and Ankle Wrap with Cooler Unit combines ice and compression to reduce pain and swelling to the lower leg. The wrap can be disconnected from the cooler unit, allowing you to move around while being treated and will stay cool for up to 30 minutes. Then, it can simply be reattached to the cooler to provide up to three hours of continuous treatment.


The short bursts of acceleration required during a football match put a massive amount of strain on the calves. Calf strains and shin splints are among the most common injuries sustained by footballers and are prone to becoming recurrent. The Ultimate Performance Compression Elastic Calf Support is designed to increase blood circulation and offer support to the calves, aiding rehabilitation from calf strains and also helping to prevent cramps and stiffness after exercise. The support is available in three different sizes and is light, breathable and comfortable.


A damaged knee can be severely debilitating and even career-ending. The ligaments within the knee are delicate and in the event of tear or a rupture, can often require surgery to fix. The Donjoy Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace brings stability to this area and is ideal for a host of sporting activities, particularly football. The brace is available in a number of sizes and comes in either a pull-on or wraparound style. Again, it is designed to be breathable even in warm conditions and is suitable for those with allergies to neoprene.


It almost goes without saying that your feet have to work hard during a football match. The Mueller Arch Support provides targeted compression and pain relief to the arches of the foot and is fully adjustable to suit your individual needs. It is also compatible with football boots and trainers, making it one of the most popular products among athletes.


Protecting your shoulders may not be the first priority when playing football but when challenging for a header, keeping goal or simply shoulder barging an opponent, they are susceptible to injury. The 4D Flex Airflow Active Sport Full Shoulder Support is suitable for prevention of and rehabilitation from dislocations, tendinitis and torn muscles amongst many other things. The Airflow's pioneering design expels excess heat and moisture to reduce any inflammation in the area whilst targeting the at-risk areas of the Deltoid and Rotator. It has also been designed without latex, rubber or neoprene to eliminate the itchiness of other supports.


The quadriceps play a key role in shooting and passing as well as tackling – basically all the fundamentals of football. Supporting this area is key to staying fit week-in, week-out and also not waking up in agony the next morning. The McDavid Hexpad Striker Sliding Shorts provide supportive compression to the quadriceps, hips and thighs to aid mobility and allow players to shoot and tackle more confidently. The patented Hexpad technology contains hexagonal areas of shock absorbing-foam which protect against impacts and also helps to make the shorts particularly lightweight. Furthermore, air is able to circulate more freely through the Hexpad and combined with McDavid’s hDc technology leads to increased evaporation of moisture and better control of body temperature as a result.


Of course, many of the items above are aimed at outfield players, but what about the goalkeepers? Well, the McDavid Hexpad Dive Football Shirt offers all of the features of the striker shorts but this time for the arms, upper body and elbows in particular. The long-sleeve design offers lightweight Hexpad padding on the elbows and shoulders – the areas most at risk when diving for the ball – and again utilises the hDc technology to release moisture and manage your body temperature.

And Finally…

For the rest of your muscles and joints, KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape provides relief and support whilst helping to prevent and treat hundreds of sporting injuries. The elastic tape can be applied almost anywhere and is both stretchy and supportive. The 16” roll is made up of 20 pre-cut strips so you can simply tear off a strip and apply straight to the injured area, which benefits cramping and muscle fatigue. Alternatively, the tape can be stretched before application to provide increased support for joints and tendons. Each application of tape then lasts up to 5 days and if lime isn’t your colour, we also have Pink, Black, Beige, Red and Navy Blue.