The Grid Foam Roller Assists With Muscle Recovery

Tuesday, 14 May 2013  |  Paul

The Grid Foam Roller Assists With Muscle Recovery 

I have been concentrating on my fitness recently by using the elliptical trainer at the gym (a machine that mimics cross country skiing). But yesterday I decided to cross the invisible border into the weights zone of the gym - an area normally reserved for those with Arnie-esque arms and legs.

What Caused Me To Need The Grid Foam Roller 

I wanted to improve the strength in my legs, which in turn should let me crank up the resistance on the cross trainer and motor through the calories faster. I had seen a workout from an American personal trainer on YouTube called Scott Herman. It looked pretty tough, but I thought I would give it a go. Here's the video so you can see what I did:

My Legs Were In A Serious State

Now, if you do decide to embark upon this workout, I must warn you that it's a bit of a killer! The Hack Squat is a particularly cruel exercise on the legs and buttocks.

I don't normally exercise my legs like this so having completed the circuit, I was in a bit of a state. To onlookers, I looked like this:

That evening, my legs were a little achy, but it was the following day that I completely seized up. My calves seemed to be particularly badly affected. It was as though I had constant cramp in both calf muscles - they were inflated and solid. Stretching them off made absolutely no difference. I was a bit worried that I had done some serious and long lasting damage to them. 

The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller To The Rescue 

The Grid Foam Roller came to my rescue. Rolling my calves over the different grid textures on The Grid Foam Roller delivered a stretch and sports massage at the same time, and completely loosened up the tight muscles. After a solid night's sleep I was good to go again. There is no way that I thought this would be possible considering the state I was in the day before. 

How The Grid Foam Roller Works 

Stretching the muscle with any foam roller is understood to open up the muscles, providing a greater surface area for the muscles to absorb oxygen from the blood, and recover faster. But The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller takes this a step further. The bumps, dimples and rolls of The Grid provide a massage to the muscles that mimic the fingertips and palms of the hand. In effect, you can give yourself a professional deep muscle sports massage as part of your recovery

Before using The Grid Foam Roller and seeing first hand just how beneficial it was to my recovery, I didn't really consider the importance of using a foam roller post exercise. The Grid is now an integral tool in my post exercise routine.

The Grid Foam Roller Is Not Just For The Legs 

I've even found that The Grid Foam Roller can be used to really stretch out the shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps. Admittedly, you have to get yourself into a rather strange half press-up position to stretch your chest and the front of your shoulders, but the body weight you are exerting when resting on The Grid really does kneed the muscles. The strong internal tube of The Grid gives you the confidence to trust it with all your weight even if your face is just inches away from the floor.

Get The Grid Foam Roller Now! 

I think The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller is a superb post exercise tool and one that is going to continue helping my body to recover after the gym. I hope it helps you too.

The Grid Foam Roller By Triggerpoint