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Mobility is an ever increasing market, as people need to feel safe and secure everywhere, not least of all in their own homes. With this increasing market, the products relating to mobility have increased in number and there are plenty of supports out there to help those in need. This increasing market has led to an increase in support frame, particularly toilet support frames. With so many toilet support aids and toilet support frames on the market, it is hard to know which item you can trust and which item will best suit your needs. Hopefully this blog will shed some light on the toilet support frame issue. I would like to tell you about one support in particular, which has been proven to work time and time again and has become one of Health and Care’s top sellers because of its stability, reliability and usability.

Why use the Foldeasy Folding Toilet Support Frame?

The Foldeasy Folding Support Frame is a sturdy frame designed specifically to help those less abled and to make life easier in general.

The Foldeasy Toilet Frame has an innovative design, featuring two easy release mechanisms, which not only makes it tough but also makes it agile, as it is able to fold on itself and make it easily portable (hence the name!)

The Foldeasy Toilet Frame has a folding footplate and this relies on the user’s weight to firmly hold the frame in place. This, combined with the specially designed arm rests, make for a superior Toilet Support Frame and the armrests offer additional comfort and support for the user, which I would argue are the two most important factors when looking for a toilet support frame.

The Foldeasy Toilet Frame also snuggly fits into a boot of a car, meaning that if someone is completely reliant on it they do not have to worry about leaving home without it, they can take it away with them! This cuts out the anxiety of leaving home and worrying about not being able to be fully supported when using the toilet.

Which Type of Toilet Can the Foldeasy be Used On?

Due to the height adjustable nature of this item, the Fold Easy Toilet Support Frame can be used with all types of toilets. 

Dimensions of the Foldeasy Folding Toilet Support Frame:

•    Width: 580mm (22¾").
•    Depth: 600mm (23½").
•    Height: (to top of handles): 700-900mm (27½"-35½").
•    Footprint: 600 x 580mm (23½" x 22¾").
•    Product weight: 5kg (11lb).
•    USER WEIGHT LIMIT: 127kg(20st)

A useful carry bag is also available for this item, at a small additional cost. This is a great extra if you are planning on taking this item away with you.
What customers are saying about the Foldeasy Folding Toilet Support Frame:
Ann said this item is both Stable and Strong, she said “This frame is both strong and well built. It is also very stable when in use. As it folds it is ideal to take on holiday.”
Magnus was impressed, gave it 5 stars and said “This is the best example of toilet assist frames I have come across. It is fully adjustable and does not affect the use of the toilet by unimpaired individuals.”
Average rating for The Foldeasy Folding Toilet Support Frame? 5 stars!  
The Foldeasy Toilet Frame is available here:
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