The best shoulder supports and shoulder braces for shoulder injuries

Wednesday, 8 August 2012  |  Paul

Key shoulder support: Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support

The shoulder is a particularly easy part of the body to injure, especially if you are playing sports such as golf or rugby. Common shoulder injuries include rotator cuff injury, dislocated shoulder, shoulder bursitis and collar bone injury. There are a number of shoulder supports and shoulder braces available for these specific injuries; we will look at some of the best shoulder supports available.

Shoulder immobilisation is generally required following a shoulder injury and a standard arm sling may not do the job. A shoulder immobiliser arm sling not only supports the arm and hand but immobilises the shoulder by holding it securely close to the body. This minimises the risk of further injury. The Procare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser Sling helps to prevent shoulder rotation and is also suitable for use following shoulder subluxations and shoulder injuries. Its padded shoulder straps and high quality poly cotton, makes the Procare Clinical Shoulder Immobiliser Sling is a comfortable shoulder sling.

The Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support is an excellent shoulder support for osteoarthritis shoulder pain, shoulder injury or post shoulder surgery. Bauerfeind is a global leader in supports and braces and this OmoTrain Shoulder Support holds the shoulder joint in a centred position for improved joint guidance. Whilst wearing the support, shoulder muscles are activated and the joint benefits from improved stability.

A common shoulder condition is degeneration of the rotator cuff. The Otto Bock Acro ComforT Shoulder Support is designed for this type of shoulder injury, as well as acute and chronic shoulder pain, tendomyophaties of the shoulder, shoulder strains and minor shoulder instabilities. This Otto Bock shoulder support comes with the temperature regulating feature PCM and its silicone lining helps the support to stay in the correct position. The Otto Bock Acro ComforT shoulder support is ideally suited for use following arhthroscopic surgery.

If you are looking for a sports shoulder support the Rehband Core Shoulder Support is ideal for use during sporting activities. This shoulder brace helps to relieve pain by increasing blood circulation. With the Rehband Core Shoulder Support, stiffness and soreness caused by tendonitis or overuse of the shoulder joint is reduced. The Thermoskin Sports Shoulder Support is a therapeutic support which retains the body’s heat, helping to relieve pain and improve mobility. This support is an ideal sports shoulder brace as it keeps the shoulder warm and loose.

The Subluxation Cuff has been specifically designed for Hemiplegia and shoulder subluxation. This shoulder subluxation support resists shoulder subluxation by pulling the strapping upon the upper arm across the shoulder. Health and Care provide a range of shoulder supports and shoulder braces for a wide range of shoulder injuries including hemiplegia shoulder supports, shoulder subluxation supports, and rotator cuff shoulder supports.