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The Best Amplified Phones For The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

8 CommentsThursday, 14 February 2013  |  Naomi

Amplified telephones amplify the receiver volume and ringing volume and have been specifically designed for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. An amplified phone can be a life changer for people who struggle or find it impossible to use a normal phone. Extra loud phones are available in a range of styles to suit all budgets including standard desk phones, cordless phones and mobile phones. If you or someone you know is deaf or hard of hearing, check out our great range of loud and extra loud phones for the deaf and hard of hearing.

One of the most popular amplified telephones is the Amplicom PowerTel 49 Plus. This great value phone amplifies the receiver (handset) volume 4 to 5 times louder than a standard phone. There is also a ringing volume of 90db with the the Amplicom PowerTel 49 Plus which is much louder than your average ringing volume. The Amplicom PowerTel 49 Plus Amplified Telephone comes with a 32 name and number phone book, a backlit display and caller ID. The Amplicomms PowerTel 49 Plus is also hearing aid compatible but it is loud enough to be used without hearing aids.

With the PowerTel 680 Combo Amplified Telephone, you not only get an amplified desk phone and amplified cordless phone, you also get a wrist shaker with SOS function ideal for people are vulnerable or living on their own. The handy wrist shaker also alerts the wearer to incoming calls making the PowerTel 680 Combo phone ideal for people who tend to miss phone calls because they cannot hear the phone ringing. This sleek combination of a desk and corded phone also combines an answering machine with the ability to listen to messages through the handset or speaker.

If you are looking for a super loud phone, look no further than the Geemarc Amplipower 50 Amplified Telephone. The Geemarc Amplipower 50 is one of the loudest telephones available on the market with a ringing volume of 60dB, that’s 8 to 10 times louder than a normal telephone! In fact the Geemarc Amplipower 50 extra loud phone is so loud that many people who rely upon a hearing aid find they do not need to wear one when talking on the Geemarc Amplipower 50 loud phone. If you are worried about the ringing volume not being loud enough don’t be, the ringing volume of the Amplipower 50 is also amplified making it much louder than standard telephone.

The Amplicomms PowerTel 30 Amplified Telephone is an excellent value phone with a large clear screen and extra large buttons for ease of use. The Amplicomms PowerTel 30 phone does not require a mains power supply like most extra loud phones so it does not restrict the user when positioning their phone. The PowerTel 30 amplifies the receiver volume up to 30dB while the ringing volume can reach a staggering 90dB! This loud phone is also hearing aid compatible so the user will not experience any frustrating feedback when wearing their hearing aid. The Amplicomms PowerTel 30 also contains a 32 name and number phone book with two programmable buttons for emergency contacts.

Health and Care’s range of products for the deaf and hard of hearing includes television and conversation listening devices, hearing induction loops, telephone ring flash indicators and smoke and fire alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing. To view our full range of telephones for the deaf and hard of hearing click here.





Friday, 8 July 2016  |  10:44

I have wasted a lot of time and a lot of money on sophisticated and expensive amplified telephones. None of them were reliable or efficient, then I bought a cheap as chips telephone from Geemarc (CL10). This cost me £9.99 and is reliable and efficient. It would be better still with higher amplification, but all things considered it is the best amplified telephone I have come across.