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The benefits of grab bars and grab rails around the home

Tuesday, 21 August 2012  |  Paul

Key product: Chrome Grab Rail

Getting around the home can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you are elderly. The bathroom in particular can be an awkward place to move about especially getting in and out of the bath. Specially designed grab bars and grab rails are available to install around the home, ranging from handy suction grab bars to fold away grab rails. Grab bars and grab rails are an excellent addition to any house, making moving around the home much easier and safer. We will look at the different types of grab bars and rails available.

Chrome grab rails and stainless steel grab rails are incredibly popular for the bathroom due to their smart, sleek finish. The Chrome Plated Grab Rail is popular choice as it is durable and practical. Available in 5 sizes, it is easy to find a chrome grab bar to suit your requirements. This Chrome Grab Bar provides excellent grip due to its indented pattern to help prevent hands from slipping. With its straight design this grab bar can be positioned almost anywhere and is a useful and smart addition to any environment.

Also great for the bathroom or the kitchen is the stainless steel curved grab rail. This stylish and sleek bathroom grab rail is durable and rust resistant whilst its polished mirror finish provides a quality and modern look to any bathroom or kitchen. The stainless steel grab rail is available in 3 sizes and comes with oval shaped fixing plates and cover to hide the screws. Plastic grab bars are also a popular choice as they can easily match a bathroom or kitchen décor and are incredibly good value. Angled grab bars can be positioned by a toilet or another part of the house where a person needs help to stand up. The angled construction of the grab bar makes it an ideal choice for the bathroom as it provides a suitable angle for people helping themselves to stand up. The Ashby Angled Grab Bar comes with a non-slip grip and is made from white plastic making it easy to clean and durable.

Folding support rails and drop down rails are specifically designed to help a people lowering and raising themselves in the bathroom. The Devon Floor Mounted Folding Rail is adjustable in height and provides high quality support for people who find it difficult to lower or raise them to and from the toilet. The Devon Rail is a grab rail which provides stability for the user without putting pressure on the wall. As it is a floor mounted grab rail, the Devon Rail can be positioned anywhere where the user is comfortable. The Linido Fixed Arm Support Rail is a uniquely designed grab rail which is fixed securely to the wall and provides people with stable assistance when lowering or raising themselves. This Linido Grab Rail is available in 4 lengths and can support a maximum weight of 23.5 stone.

Outdoor grab bars and outdoor grab rails are an invaluable addition to any home. Outdoor grab bars are ideally situated by steps and doors to aid a person walking down steps and getting in and out of the door. The Outdoor Grab Bar is excellent value and is a subtle dark green colour to blend into a home environment. This Outdoor Grab Rail is attached to outdoor brickwork and is constructed from tough plastic. The grab bar is also durable, rust resistant and combines rubber grips making it stable and secure for people to use in all weathers.