The Benefits of a Sleeping Wedge Pillow

A good night’s sleep is vital for a great morning, but conventional pillows can be a real nightmare for some. Wedge pillows like the Harley Bed Relaxer work to elevate your head as you sleep, which can provide a number of benefits to both your health and your ability to get 40 winks.

Reduces Pressure on Airway

Sleeping using standard pillows can create pressure on your airway, and for individuals with respiratory issues like sleep apnoea this can pose a real danger not only to your sleep but also your health. Using a wedge-shaped pillow to elevate your head at a 30° to 45° incline reduces pressure on your airway, helping you breathe more easily at night. This works for both back sleepers and side sleepers, giving you the support you need for uninterrupted slumber.

Stop Snoring

Reducing pressure on your airway also has a key bonus that may benefit your partner more that you – it can reduce snoring. Snoring is caused by air being unable to move freely through your nose and throat, so by keeping your airway unrestricted a wedge-shaped pillow helps you to sleep soundly – or soundless!

Sleeping Wedge Pillows Can Relax Airways And Reduce Snoring
Sleeping wedge pillows can relax airways and reduce snoring

Shoulder Support for Side Sleepers

As well as reducing pressure on your airway, a bed wedge can also help to support the shoulders and neck of side sleepers. This enables you to naturally fall into a neural position with the level of incline that feels best for you, delivering fantastic comfort and a more relaxed entry into the land of nod.

Improve Circulation

It may be a more obscure use of a bed wedge pillow, but placing a wedge cushion under your knees can work to improve circulation. This helps tired muscles and sore, swollen feet recover, and can even help prevent issues like varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Relieve Back Pain

Back pain can make a good night’s sleep impossible, so it’s important that you can get the support you need. Sleeping on a wedge works to provide support to the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, relieving strain and pain. What’s more, positioning a bed wedge under your knees can also help to relieve lower back pain.

Providing Lumbar Support, Bed Wedges Can Reduce Back Pain At Night
Providing lumbar support, bed wedges can reduce back pain at night

Soothe Acid Reflux

The gentle incline provided by a wedge cushion like the Harley Bed Relaxer can also help to soothe issues with acid reflux. Wedge pillows enable you to prevent acid from reaching your throat using nothing but gravity, helping you sleep deeply.

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