The Battle Against Bedwetting

4 CommentsThursday, 29 January 2009  |  Paul

Help Beat Bedwetting with the Brand New DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm

The DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm is a brand new addition to HealthandCare’s General Health range and is designed to help both children and adults tackle the problem of bedwetting. The DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm is a bedwetting alarm with a unique, super comfortable Urosensor to help adults and children to become a dry sleeper. Designed by Doctor Anthony Page, a treatment expert for more than 25 years, the DRI Sleeper is a bedwetting alarm which is the only proven method to stop bedwetting permanently.

How does it work?

The DRI Sleeper Alarm is a very small and discreet two part unit. The alarm part of the unit attaches to the shoulder of nightwear while the Urosensor is placed inside underwear. The connecting lead is then run up from the Urosensor to the DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm unit on the shoulder and the cable is attached. The Urosensor in the underwear is triggered by the first drops of urine and in turn sets off the DRI Sleeper Alarm positioned on the shoulder. 

Over the next few days or weeks, the child or adult learn to wake more and more quickly until they are eventually beating the alarm and waking before any bedwetting can start. The child or adult then consistently wakes every time they need to go to the toilet. The final stage is when the adult or child will sleep through the night without wetting the bed or needing to get up to go to the toilet until the morning.

Why is the DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm right for my child?

A simple strategy used by many parents is to have their child wear nappies during the night to avoid having to change sheets and use plastic mattress covers. But there are hidden problems with this as it sends a message to the child that it is ok to urinate during sleep and not get up to use the toilet. It is widely believed that nappies may actually prolong a bedwetting problem and this is where the DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm comes in. 

Due to the DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm’s size it is small enough for a child to get used to sleeping with and not to be a distraction. The DRI Sleeper uses the Max Alert sound, a sound that is most effective in waking children up and it also has an internal volume control so a child cannot alter the volume themselves.


The DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm is completely moulded and easy to clean for instant reuse so it will be ready to use for the next night. The alarm and sensor are soft and flexible, so there are no hard plastic clips or domes. The DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm contains no metal contacts so it will not deteriorate or erode in urine.


Why is the DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm right for me?

Adult Enuresis (involuntary passing of urine during the night) affects millions of people worldwide. Adult Enuresis can be a very embarrassing and discomforting experience. The person suffering with adult enuresis may as a result of their condition end up feeling a sense of shame or loss of control and may even deter them from entering into long term relationship.  The DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm is not just for children and is the ideal way to help train yourself out of bedwetting. The DRI Sleep Excel Alarm is available now from and will be dispatched Royal Mail First Class post the day you place your order. All of’s products are dispatched in unmarked packages so you have complete confidence in the privacy of your purchase.