The Action Climbing Frame - Ideal Christmas presents for Children

Tuesday, 4 December 2012  |  Paul

This Christmas, give the little ones in your family a healthy Christmas gift that they will both enjoy and benefit from for years to come. New at Health and Care this week is the Action Climbing Frame range. This range of high quality wooden climbing frames is designed to provide challenging play experiences to help children develop physical skills, fitness and coordination through play and exploration. These innovative climbing frames all combine multiple features and play areas in to single units to appeal to a wide age range of children who can also all play at once making them the perfect gift for siblings to share. The climbing frames are built to last and will stand the test of time providing children with a gift that will last through a whole childhood of adventures.

The Arundel Twin Tower Compact offers loads of fun and challenging play activities for a fantastic price. For only £979 this frame features a commando climbing net, climbing ladder, green wavy slide, a pair of swings and a fun clatter bridge connecting 2 wooden towers with wooden platforms. This climbing frame can even be placed in particularly narrow gardens where space is tricky to work with. The flexible layout allows it to fit into a long shape for a narrow garden or form a more compact U shaped design for a wider, shorter garden.

The Gatelodge without Swing Arm is ideal for very small gardens where space is very tight as it offers enough space inside to store lots of garden toys without compromising on features. This climbing frame is also ideal for all ages as the layout provides a great getaway space for teenagers or a playhouse for little ones combined with a wooden ladder and rock face for climbing, a wooden table with two bench seats and a wavy slide all in one compact unit.

Monmouth Tower Climbing Frame is designed to provide fun for a wide age range and is a great option for larger gardens with more space to play with. The commando rigging is a great challenge for older children while the swings can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The platform can also be accessed by sturdy stairs making it easier for little ones to access the wavy slide.

For something a bit different the Victory Climbing Frame is an amazing nautical themed frame in the shape of a boat. This unique boat themed frame provides opportunities for hours of adventure play to stimulate both your child’s mind and imagination and their physical abilities. The boats comes kitted out with everything you need for an adventure on the high seas including picnic table and benches, windows, rock climbing face and ladders, bridge and poop deck,  wavy slide, climbing ramp, mast, pirate flag, telescope, ship’s steering wheel and periscope. Climb aboard the Victory Climbing Frame!

All the Action Climbing Frames are available in multiple layouts with different add ons and options for your requirements. An action climbing frame makes an ideal Christmas gift for children of every age. They are available now from Health and Care with free delivery and a 2-3 day shipment time; get yours in time for Christmas!