Talking Watches For The Blind and Visually Impaired Are A Huge Hit

1,534 CommentsSunday, 27 December 2009  |  Paul

Talking watches announce the time at the touch of a button in a clear voice. In this way, talking watches are a fantastic accessory for anyone with low vision. But the benefits of talking watches do not stop there. Several customers have purchased talking watches because they work in environments with low light levels where it is often difficult to read the time. Talking watches can also be a superb tool for those learning to tell the time with an assuring voice confirming the correct hour and minute.

Talking watches for the blind and visually impaired have advanced spectacularly in the last few years. Health and Care have a large range of talking watches with no need to compromise on style. Our selection will allow you to colour co-ordinate, as well as remain very comfortable. The straps of our talking watches are available in leather and metal for our analogue classic talking watches, and sporty rubber for our big digit digital talking watch. There are even different face colours to suit you preference with black, white and digital available.

The men’s and ladies’ talking watches with metal straps have three colour options. We have silver metal bracelet straps, gold metal bracelet straps and a new two tone metal bracelet strap combining silver and gold for a contemporary finish.

This year, talking watches have been a huge hit, especially at Christmas when thoughts turn to loved ones and gifts to make their lives that little bit easier. Talking watches are a wonderful gift in that they are thoughtful and helpful, transforming a sometimes difficult operation of telling the time with a visual impairment, into a simple and straightforward action of pressing a button.

The talking watches that we stock are manufactured to the highest standards, with clear numerical digits and hands, and high quality steel cases on most of our watches. The time is easy to set with a simple to operate spindle on the side of the watch. The alarm function available on a selection of our range is also a helpful addition, announcing the time in a clear voice to wake you or possibly remind you of a medication time. The atomic talking watch that we have is radio controlled and sets itself automatically to ensure that the time is accurate to the millisecond. This radio controlled atomic talking watch even adjusts automatically to British Summer Time.

For more information on out range of talking watches, visit our talking watch page here, or contact our customer care team on 0207 821 0855.