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Take the pain out of party season with the Insolia High Heel Inserts

Friday, 9 November 2012  |  Paul

The festive season is approaching and if you are looking forward to the parties but not to the pain in your feet after too many nights spent in high heels, look no further as Health and Care has a range of insoles to help.

The new Insolia High Heel inserts are perfect for all high heeled shoes as they are small, slim and clear, allowing them to go unnoticed whilst providing comfort and support. The innovative design of the Insolia inserts actually shifts weight away from the toes and balls of feet and towards the heel creating better body alignment. They also make walking easier and more natural reducing that burning pain at the front of the foot. Unlike some other high heel gel inserts, the unique shape of Insolia Inserts decrease pressure on the front of the foot without the additional padding making them ideal for even the highest and most pointy party shoes. These revolutionary insoles have been praised for their pain relieving properties in Cosmopolitan, Grazia, The Telegraph and Times Online. Insolia insoles are available in a range of different sizes allowing you to find your perfect fit.

If you are looking for a bit more support then why not try the Superfeet Women's 3/4 High Heel Insoles. These insoles are ideal for heel pain as they cushion the heel area providing comfort and relief; these insoles also reduce pronation and help to centre to foot. The insoles are lightweight and fit neatly into high heeled shoes or boots to give you support and reduce pain in a variety of high heeled shoes. Alternatively you can try the Orthaheel Slimfit Insoles which are ideal for pain in the ball of the foot and metatarsal problems caused by high heeled shoes. These insoles feature an inbuilt metatarsal raise to align the metatarsal bones, effectively relieving pain at the ball of the foot and allowing correct alignment of the foot and ankle for confidence and comfort when walking or dancing.

For very strappy shoes or hard to target problem areas try the Silipos Friction Reducing Gel Dots. These handy little gel discs can be freely applied where ever pinching, soreness or blisters occur from rubbing shoes and uncomfortable straps and buckles. They are also small and light, easy to pop in your handbag and carry with you for emergency blister relief from dancing the night away in a new pair of shoes.

Don’t let pain and discomfort put you off wearing your favourite pair of heels. Health and Care has a range of products for all shoe types and are all available with free delivery to put the spring back in your step this party season.