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Swine Flu - The Importance of Hand Hygiene

Friday, 1 May 2009  |  Paul

Expert urges the heightened importance of hand hygiene and use of PatientPak in the ‘Swine Flu’ outbreak 

A leading medical expert today called for the great British public to get washing to protect themselves against the threat of Swine Flu.

Hands are the most common way in which microorganisms are transferred to people susceptible to infection, according to the World Health Organisation*. 

Dr Guy Braverman of PatientPak explained that simple and effective hygiene routines work to control the spread of viruses and has developed anti-microbial products which protect individuals against influenza viruses.  Dr Braverman urges the British public to follow five simple rules to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms do not spread infection.

1.       Fundamentals to good hand hygiene are: sink; running water; liquid soap; PatientPak anti-microbial wash and wipe products; disposable towels; wastepaper bins

2.       Always wash hands after using the toilet, before eating or handling food, and after handling animals.

3.       Use PatientPak anti-microbial hand sprays and/or wipes after being on public transport or in areas of great public footfall

4.       Clean surfaces and equipment shared by others such as desks, tables, telephones and door knobs with PatientPak wipes.

5.       Cover all cuts and abrasions with waterproof dressings.

Dr Guy Braverman advised, “first and foremost to reduce virus transmission, attention must be paid to hand washing. Influenza viruses all possess similar core structures and over-the-counter solutions such as PatientPak anti-microbial sprays and wipes are safe and effective ways of taking control of your own environment.  Products such as PatientPak contain proven antimicrobial products and essential comfort items to offer you the best protection from viruses and Swine Flu.”