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Summer Sales

Wednesday, 24 July 2013  |  Paul

We all love the Summer Sales, a cheeky offer for those essentials we need for the summer and at Health and Care we are no different. We are constantly adding products to the website to expand and develop our Healthcare range which is available to all whether you are a healthcare professional, organisation or a member of the public. We have lots of offers on our site this summer which you will find helpful.

This summer we have added new items such as the PCM (Phase Changing Material) Cooling Mattress Topper which is the new and upgraded version of the cool pad mattress topper designed to keep you cooler overnight for longer. It is easy to use and if you want it cooler you have the option to put it in the fridge. If not it only takes an hour to cool down again when not in use.  The solid Gel turns into liquid and when in use and helps to keep you cool to get good nights sleep, for more details have a look at the product description, you won’t be disappointed. I even recommended it to a friend.

There are lots of offers across the site on items such as the Spenco sandals, great for a summer day out or the Perspi range if the summer weather is making you sweat more. These all have offers on and if you buy in bulk you can save even more! (Without worrying about running out) For those who are getting into the water during the summer why not have a look at our Aquajogger range as this is designed to help you get the most out of your swimming session or time in the sea... and finally if you have a cast on this summer and want to swim check out the Bloccs range for the ultimate swimming cast protector, don’t let a cast spoil your fun in the sun.