Stylish Compression Therapy – A Guide to the Sigvaris Ladies Range

Friday, 2 November 2012  |  Paul

Sigvaris compression stockings offer a wide range of compression therapy designed to provide both comfort and style in many colours and fits, but which Sigvaris product is best for you? From patterned to plain and transparent to opaque there is a style of Sigvaris for everyone:

For everyday wear:

·         Diaphane: Transparent with a floral lace grip top. These stockings are elegant and are available in a range of natural colours as well as classic black, ideal for subtle every day wear.

·         Eclat: The Eclat range is transparent and light weight on the skin, this stocking offers light comfortable compression therapy allowing you to go about your day without noticing them.

·         Magic: Find you perfect fit; the Magic range is available in many sizes making it easy to find an exact fit for your individual shape. These stockings are convincingly natural and easy to wear with any outfit.

·         Expert: An innovative anatomical shape provides comfort when walking and are easy to put on and take off making them suitable for day to day activity. These stockings are ideal for very severe cases of venous disease.

For comfort:

·         Coton: This stocking range is ideal for sensitive skin and will not cause irritation. The Coton stockings use innovative thermo regulatory technology and a natural cotton blend fabric to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, ideal for all seasons.

·         Opalis: The Opalis range offers opaque stockings with a comfortable fabric that is very soft on skin. The stockings also have pretty floral lace grip tops making them both comfortable and stylish.

·         Soyance: Offering calf length compression stockings in black or mocha with a luxurious, light and comfortable silk blend fabric.

·         Bambou: Featuring a soft viscose and bamboo blend fabric, these below the knee stockings provide comfortable compression therapy in a range of fresh, modern colours.

For special occasions:

·         Audace: This range of stockings features a stylish diamond pattern and is available in a range of feminine colours.

·         Attrait: A modern and elegant range of stockings, the striped pattern and stylish colour range make the Attrait stockings an elegant choice for evening wear.

·         Vertige: Featuring a provocative ‘v’ pattern, this range of stockings is dynamic and contemporary, offering a modern style that stands out from the crowd.

·         Intrigue: These stockings feature an innovative fish net style diamond pattern with satin stitching; the range is refined, fashionable and ideal for special occasions.

Sigvaris stockings are available from compression class 1-3 and are available in many different styles including maternity tights. Visit to shop the full range of Sigvaris stockings to find your perfect pair complete with free delivery.