Struggling With The Snow? Here Are Some Products To Help

Thursday, 24 January 2013  |  Naomi

After a strangely mild Christmas winter has finally arrived, throwing the UK into disarray and children desperate to get to gardens and park to create their very own snowman. Whether you love or hate the snow, it is impossible to avoid. Luckily we have some rather handy products to help you battle the elements and keep you warm and cosy while you do it.

Shifting snow off your driveway or path is no mean feat. If you’re looking for a good work-out this winter then shovelling snow ticks all the aerobic boxes! One item you cannot do without in this weather is a trusty snow shovel. The Anatom Snow Shovel is a winter essential for the car or the home. It comes with a collapsible handle and its large volume blade means you can shovel more snow than you average spade. The Snow Shovel is made from high grade alloy making it super light-weight at only 530g.

Now that your path is clear, it’s time to get on with your day! With temperatures plummeting across Britain, untreated pavements and roads can freeze within minutes. So if the Gritter hasn’t made it as far as your house, you will probably find our Anatom Shoe Ice Grips a great help. The Anatom Shoe Ice Grips are designed to fit any type of shoe to provide excellent grip for your feet in slippery and icy conditions. These Shoe Ice Grips are small enough to fit into a handbag so are ideal if the weather takes a turn for the worse and you need to get home from work, school or college. The Anatom Shoe Ice Grips are available in 4 sizes so you can find the right size snow grips to fit your shoe.

When the UK turns white with snow, the trusty hand warmer comes into its own. The HotRox is an electronic rechargeable hand warmer designed to keep your mitts warm during the cold winter months. The HotRox Handwarmer can be recharged using a USB cable or by mains power, so if your HotRox needs a re-boot whilst you are at work you could charge it using your computer. The HotRox  Handwarmer has 3 settings – Off, Medium or High, so if you are indoors you can switch off your HotRox off to save power. Once fully charged the HotRox Hand Warmer will provide heat for up to 6 hours, much longer than the average handwarmer!

Whether you’re outside battling the elements or indoors staying warm, our Hotties will keep you cosy. Hotties come in all shapes, sizes and colours and contain a microwaveable pack which warms up in minutes. The Hotties Back Wrap is ideal to keep your back warm when you’re out and about. The Hotties Back Wrap wraps securely around the body to provide constant warmth. The Hotties Back Warmer has been a big hit with golfers who find themselves standing around on cold winter mornings waiting to take their next shot. If you’re a fan of the traditional hot water bottle you can even buy a hot water bottle shaped Hottie! Our microwaveable Hotties are great for snuggling up to on the sofa to keep you warm and cosy.