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Friday, 4 October 2013  |  Paul

This month sees the start of Stopober, a challenge for smokers to see if they can go one month without smoking. This is more difficult than you think and requires a huge amount of determination. There are a number of campaigns which show us the effects of smoking and something like stopober is helpful as a number of people try to stop smoking and with these things you’re more likely to succeed with support.

Over the last few years there has been development of the electronic cigarette. At Health and Care we have seen the benefits and popularity of the Nicocig range as an alternative to smoking and as an aid for those wanting to quit. Electronic cigarettes came onto the market in 2004 and have increased in popularity. The cartridges deliver nicotine in a vapour without tar and toxins. These are affordable and can be used anywhere. We have lots of offers available on the Nicocig range as many of our customers buy in bulk to save. The starter kit is a good way to try the product as it has everything you need to start using the system. There is one high, medium, low and zero cartridge so you can try them all to find the option most suitable for you.