Stay Warm This Winter with

Friday, 19 December 2014  |  Amy

Whether you are looking for a way to enhance warmth in your home, or need a better way to stay warm when braving the outdoors, Health and Care have a variety of products to help you stay warm this winter.

Staying in?

The HomeGlow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover is a cheap and cost effective alternative for providing therapeutic warmth in while being user friendly and low maintenance. The HomeGlow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover provides individuals with their own source of heating, which allows the background temperature to be reduced with no detrimental consequences for other residents. 

The HomeGlow B-Warm seat cover for the has a therapeutic quality due to the constant gentle heat from the neck to the knees that soothes aches and pains, relieving symptoms of arthritis that the cold can trigger and inflame. The HomeGlow is ideal for people who are indoors the majority of their time, particularly older people who feel the cold. With the price of heating becoming increasingly expensive for many households, the HomeGlow is a great way to keep warm without central heating.

Going Out?

The HotRox Hand Warmer is a rechargeable hand warmer able to be recharged by plugging into the wall or a computers USB port. HotRox Hand Warmers are simple, safe and easy to use. As they are electronic, they can be turned on and off and reused over and over again. Here are a couple of reviews we’ve had about this great product:

“Compact yet powerful enough to keep the coldest of hands warm. It really lasts for six hours on medium & 3 hours on high. We added the plug so we can charge it up anywhere.”

“Excellent service. Ordered it on a Thursday and received it the next day. Easy to charge it up. It is great to watch football and rugby and to have warm hands!”

The HotRox Hand Warmer can be bought with a mains connection or with a single USB connection (HotRox Hand Warmer with USB Charger).

Still Have Chilly Hands?

For those hands that need a little help retaining warmth, why not try the Raynaud's Disease Silver Gloves, available in either full or fingerless styles. The Raynaud's Disease Silver Gloves are designed to help retain the heat in hands and contain 8% silver, which will help to keep the hands warmer and help ward off Raynaud's Disease and Raynaud's Syndrome.

If you like the sound of the Raynaud's Disease Silver Gloves and suffer with cold feet, why not try the Silversock High Performance Silver Fibre Socks to help keep your feet nice and toasty this winter. The textile fibres within the Silversock have been completely and universally coated with pure silver, meaning the silver is on the outside of the fibre. The Silversock High Performance Socks are anti-static, anti-microbial and anti-odour, as silver inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria.