Stay in the game with Push Sports Braces

Tuesday, 18 November 2014  |  Paul

Whether you’re an elite athlete, casual runner or just play for your local football team the chances are you’ve experienced a sporting injury that kept you out of action. It’s frustrating having to take the time off in order to properly heal and knowing that, once you’ve had the injury, the risk of recurrence is dramatically increased.

If this sounds familiar then you will be happy to hear that these sports injuries are now avoidable. Our new range of Push Sports Braces (PSB) has been developed to help treat and prevent sports injuries. This dual purpose gives you back the confidence you need to play at your best.

PSB Offers Prevention And Treatment

Each Push Sports Brace plays a dual role; firstly they act as a treatment for sporting injuries. Secondly they play a vital role in preventing injury. The use of sports braces, alongside targeted muscle exercises, is the most effective way of preventing injury recurrence. As most athletes will know: after a first injury, the risk of a subsequent one is vastly increased. So next time you play football or go skiing you don’t have to constantly limit yourself, you can protect yourself with a PSB sports brace and get back to enjoying the sport to its fullest.

The Push Sports Braces work by supporting the natural movement of the joint in a restrictive way, but without immobilising it completely. So unlike wearing a cast, you can still be part of the action.

PSB Designed For Sports

The PSB sports braces have all been designed by a team of specialists and athletes to ensure they offer the best fit and support specifically for sporting use. The Push Sports Braces can all be machine washed and easily applied without aid meaning you spend less time putting them on and more time keeping active!

The Push Sports Braces Range

The Push Sports Braces range covers all the joints and areas commonly injured during sports.

The PSB Thumb Brace supports the thumb in a functional position whilst leaving the wrist and hand free to move. This thumb brace is great for sports such as handball, netball and rugby where the thumb is heavily utilised.

The PSB Patella Brace gives the hamstring the necessary rest for overloading complaints such as jumper’s knee. The patella brace should be worn for sports such as cycling, weightlifting and running where there is a high level of pressure on the patella.

The PSB Ankle Brace uses intelligent construction to support normal ankle mobility and hinder the see-saw movement that is linked to instability and strains. This PSB Ankle Brace is designed to fit in sports shoes, so is ideal for running, football and hockey. The PSB Ankle Brace 8, also known as PSB 8, is a more flexible brace that would be best suited to those who have minor sprains or instability. Ankle injuries are one of the most frequent, and frustrating, amongst sports individuals. If you are looking for a running ankle support these products can’t be recommended enough!

The PSB Wrist Brace is suited to those with, or fearing recurrence of, chronic wrist injuries. The PSB Wrist Support is for those experiencing general wrist pain or increased motility of wrist. Both these wrist braces will aid those who enjoy sports that involve heavy wrist action such as tennis, lacrosse and gymnastics.

The PSB Knee Brace offers the perfect balance between stability and movement for the knee. The knee brace suits those who experience instability of the knee or play in high impact sports such as basketball, skiing and running.

The PSB Arm Brace has been developed specifically to support the tendons often afflicted with tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. The arm brace applies pressure to the muscles in the arm to limit the strain on the tendons, helping to relieve and prevent injury during tennis and golf.

The PSB range is used by professional sports people across the globe and is now available to purchase through Health and Care. The PSB range covers all the injuries commonly associated with sporting activity. From a sprained ankle to tennis elbow, the PSB range will offer you decreased healing time and reduced risk of injury next time you’re out on the field.