Stay Fit This Summer With Health and Care

Sunday, 29 June 2014  |  Amy

Stay fit this summer by shaking up your exercise regime. Here are our top 3 pieces of fitness equipment to keep you motivated and in shape.

Triggerpoint The Grid Foam Roller

The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller takes foam rolling to a whole new level by being the most versatile and comprehensive foam roller and workout tool on the market. Now available in 4 colours, the Triggerpoint is a versatile massage and fitness tool. Different textures on the roller mimic finger, thumb and palm sports massaging. The Triggerpoint also gives a total core body workout when used as an exercise tool. You have to try this product! It will transform your post exercise recovery.

Aeromat Exercise Mat

The Aeromat Exercise Mat has one ribbed and one smooth side.  The Aeromat Exercise Math has a closed-cell construction, making it comfortable and easy to use. This Aeromat is available in two sizes for different exercise uses.

The Fitness-Mad 40cm Adjustable Wobble Board

The Fitness-Mad 40cm Adjustable Wobble Board can help protect the body from injury by improving proprioception. Offering a great way to improve your balance the Fitness-Mad 40cm Adjustable Wobble Board helps to strengthen your core and range of movement.

The Fitness-Mad 40cm Adjustable Wobble Board is adjustable to angles between 18-23cm by simply and easily screwing the rocker in or out which can help to progressively improve your balance.