Stay Connected...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013  |  Paul

With winter now upon us, it’s almost time to dig out those scarves and gloves that you keep buried at the back of your wardrobe, sickening i know.

Like many of you smart phone users out there, In order to stay connected and use my phone I will have to take my gloves off..exposing my hands to the harsh elements and often ending up with numb fingers!

But have no fear, this winter our problems have been solved! You can now stay connected and comfortable without removing your gloves, all with the help of the Touchscreen Gloves Isotoner.Smartouch

The Touchscreen Gloves Isotoner Smartouch are super soft gloves that are compatible with touchscreen devices such as the Ipad, Iphone and many more smart phones and smart tablets.

Unlike traditional gloves that do not allow you to use a touchscreen, the Isotoner Smartouch Iphone Gloves have a special material at the tips of the index finger and the thumb. This conductive thread allows you to use your touchscreen device at the same time as keeping your fingers toasty warm, without exposing your fingers to the bitter winds.

Add the Touchscreen Gloves Isotoner Smartouch to your winter wardrobe today".