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Squatty Potty: Be Kind to your Colon

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Going to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet are things we all do every day, so you'd probably assume most people have gotten the hang of it by now. To the casual toileteer, it may seem simple: pants down, sit down, and the rest takes care of itself. What you've probably never considered though, is that this may be the wrong way to go, and in some cases can even be dangerous. With the help of Squatty Potty, we'd like to take you through the do-doo's and don't-doo's of using the loo, helping you bring your toilet technique in line with 21st century science using some rather simple concepts.

The Natural Approach

If you often find yourself straining on the toilet or spending longer than you'd like, it may not be your fault. This stems from the fact that humans, like other animals, are anatomically designed to squat during bowel movements. This is why the modern toilet, forcing us into a rigid sitting position, can cause both difficult and uncomfortable trips to the toilet. While sitting may seem the more "civilised" method, it may be contributing to some uncomfortable ailments including bloating, straining, constipation and even hemorrhoids.

When sitting down, the anorectal angle is kinked and the puborectalis muscles choke the rectum, keeping faeces inside. When we squat, lifting our knees up higher than our hips, the anorectal angle is straightened and the puborectalis muscle releases the rectum, allowing for complete and comfortable elimination. That's why Squatty Potty have created products aimed at making your movements more efficient than ever, letting you spend less time straining in the bathroom and more time getting on with your day.

Squatty potty squatting colon health science

Introducing: The Squatty Potty

Now that you've learned about the scourges of the modern toilet's sitting position, it's time to take action and get some much-needed help! That's where Squatty Potty comes in. This revolutionary new toilet tool fits neatly under any toilet seat, raising your legs to properly position your colon. This position helps you to effortlessly and comfortably empty your bowels, avoiding pain, injury and frustration. Unlike other posture-assisting devices, the Squatty Potty helps to mimic a natural squat posture in an ergonomic, comfortable, convenient and affordable package.

Stylish and Discreet

If this isn't enough to get you on board, the Squatty Potty is available in a range of styles and sizes to complement your bathroom decor and preferred squatting angle. Styles include Slim, Slim with Teak Finish, Ecco and Adjustable Bamboo, meaning there's a Squatty Potty to suit every squatter. With these stylish designs and range of finishes, the Squatty Potty won't look out of place in your bathroom, and will even improve the decor. Each Squatty Potty is available in two sizes, with both designed to fit under all types of toilet bowls. Most users will find the 7" size sufficient, but for the limber among us or for advanced squatters, the 9" size will provide a full and completely efficient squat.

Doctor Recommended, Consumer Approved

Health professionals have known about the benefits of squatting during bowel movements for years, and conversely, the dangers of the modern toilet's position. Potential dangers of the rigid sitting position are constipation, hemorrhoids, colon disease, urinary difficulty or infections as well as common pelvic floor issues. These issues affect millions of people every year, many of whom are unaware that a simple solution even exists. The good news is, all of these ailments can be prevented or remedied with correct use of the Squatty Potty.

Constipation and Colon Disease

According to recent research, there are roughly 6.5 million people in the UK every year who suffer from some sort of constipation-related bowel problem. In 2014/2015, 66,287 people in the UK were admitted to hospital with constipation as their main condition, costing the NHS a whopping £145 million! That's quite a bit for something that can be avoided with a simple foot stool. In the United States, it's estimated that four million people have constipation, defined as having a bowel movement less than three times a week.

Considering most health experts believe normal elimination should happen after each meal, constipation is probably more prevalent than any of us realise. That's a scary concept, as eliminating completely contributes to the maintenance of good colon health. Many studies link a fecal build-up in the colon as a leading cause of diseases, including cancer. As if that's not bad enough, when there is a build-up in the colon, our bodies can't absorb all the nutrients from our food, sapping us of the energy we would have had with a proper toilet routine.

Squatty Potty can help battle this epidemic in four key ways:

  1. Let Gravity do the Work. When squatting, we allow gravity to take over. The weight of the torso presses against the thighs, naturally compressing the colon, and supplementing the force of gravity.
  2. Relax the Muscles. Squatting relaxes the puborectalis muscle, allowing the anorectal angle to straighten. This allows the bowel to release quickly and completely.
  3. Unlock the Kink. Squatting lifts the sigmoid colon to unlock the "kink " at the rectum's entrance. This action also helps prevent incontinence by taking pressure of the muscles involved.
  4. Use your Valves. The colon features both an inlet and an outlet valve. Squatting closes the inlet valve, keeping your small intestine clean, and opens the outlet valve, letting waste pass freely. Sitting on a modern toilet stops your valves from working, soiling your small intestine and making your body strain against your outlet valve.

Heal your Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum. Those familiar with them know just how uncomfortable and inconvenient they can be. They are caused when we're forced to strain against upward pressure on our rectum, designed by our bodies to keep our faeces inside while we stand or sit. Sitting during elimination keeps the muscles tight, making the process both difficult and incomplete. By age 50, most adults have experienced some form of hemorrhoid resulting from an incorrect elimination posture.

The good news is, this doesn't have to be the reality. With the use of the Squatty Potty, this harmful pressure is reduced, allowing for complete and unobstructed bowel movements to hemorrhoid development. Easing the nerves and bottoms of the millions affected by hemorrhoids, we're glad to say the Squatty Potty can heal the nasty ailments as well. When the squat position is adopted, hemorrhoids can fully heal without relapse, making the swelling and pain a thing of the past.

Urinary Infections and the Pelvic Floor

Studies have found that roughly one in three women suffer from one or more pelvic disorders, with some men experiencing them as well. These are most often caused when the pelvic floor (a network of ligaments, muscles and tissue that support the pelvic organs) is weakened. The straining that occurs in the sitting position is a leading cause of these disorders, causing the area to become weakened, the pelvic organs to drop and resulting symptoms like constipation and incontinence. With a regular squatting position, the pelvic floor is protected, and the risk of these disorders is drastically decreased.

Finally, the squatting position also helps the urinary tract, as with the colon, to fully empty. This is important, as incomplete urination often occurring in women is a leading cause of urinary tract infections. Squatting with Squatty Potty can help reduce episodes of UTI in both frequency and intensity, avoiding the pain and long term injury that this common condition can cause.

Why Not Squat?

After all of these benefits have been weighed, it seems like a no-brainer: squatting beats sitting every time. Besides making our bowel movements effortless and efficient, the Squatty Potty can help us to avoid a multitude of conditions and health downfalls many of us see as a part of modern life. Whether you suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, or something more serious, there's really no reason not to try Squatty Potty. Stylish, discreet and affordable, it will fit seamlessly into your bathroom leaving you wonder how you ever went without it. 

See for Yourself!

Shop the full Squatty Potty Range at Health and Care today, with FREE UK delivery on all orders.

Have any questions or anything to add? Why not tell us in the comments below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!