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Spring Games With Will

Wednesday, 17 April 2013  |  Paul

With spring finally seeming to be upon us (hopefully), the great outdoors is beckoning again and the supermarkets are stocking barbeques on their shelves rather optimistically. So does that mean it is then perhaps time to start thinking about outdoor activities and games?

One could play football, or play tennis but these are a bit safe aren’t they? A little samey. Why not make spring 2013 the season you take up Outdoor Giant Chess instead? It’s just like the ancient classic only gigantic which makes it great fun for everyone and a great way to get the little ones’ brains going too. Or perhaps you enjoyed the snooker so much over the winter you fancy giving it a go yourself and impressing everyone with some trick shots. We’ve got a fun range of outdoor pool tables perfect for the family back garden including the mega 8ft Astral Pool Table. For the kids, the Baby Tabletop Pool Table will keep them entertained for hours and help to build a future master!

I might consider taking up something a bit different ready for this summer – kayaking. This is probably a good thing since flooding is more likely than ever these days so the 1 Man Kayaking Set might prove to be a wise investment!

Whatever you decide to take up have fun! And as always, take care.