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Sporty Stocking Fillers from Health and Care

Friday, 19 December 2014  |  Paul

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Whether you’re a last minute shopper or you started planning your gifts in June, I’m sure everyone is still on the look out for the perfect gifts. If you have sporty loved one, I have the run down on the top 5 sporty stocking fillers from Health and Care this Christmas.

The Top 5 Sporty Stocking Fillers

1. Triggerpoint Massage Ball

It may be the size of an orange, but I can assure you it’s a lot more exciting to pull one of these out of your stocking than a satsuma! A Triggerpoint Massage Ball is a perfect sporty stocking filler and can be used in so may ways. This versatile massage tool is small enough to be thrown into a gym or handbag and transported anywhere.

The Triggerpoint Massage Ball is very user friendly and can be used to treat minor aches, pains and tight muscles, so it’s perfect for after the gym or a ‘before-work-workout’. Simply apply pressure with the ball using the floor, wall or any hard surface and transfer the pressure through the ball for five to eight seconds prior to massage to soften the muscle slightly, then move your body to roll the ball over different areas. The Triggerpoint Massage Ball is available for £24.99 with FREE fast UK delivery.

2. Fitness-Mad Resistance Band and Guide

The ultimate all-body work out is resistance training, it’s cheap, it’s simple, you don’t need to spend time and money at the gym, you can use the Fitness-Mad Resistance Band and Guide from the comfort of your own home.  This stretchy latex band can be used in lots of ways to strengthen and tone muscle groups, and even if you’re not sure how, there’s a handy guide to help you through the different moves.

The Fitness-Mad Resistance Bands come in three resistance levels from light to medium to strong, so whether your Gran wants to keep in shape or your brother who’s a bit of a fitness buff would like to work on his quads there is a resistance band for everyone. It’s an especially great gift for loved ones who like cycling, Pilates or cross-fit.

You can get your festive fingers on the Fitness-Mad resistance Bands and Guide at from £13.99

3. Trion Z Active Magnetic Sports Bracelet Green

For the stand out sportsmen among you, Trion Z Active Magnetic Sports Bracelets are a stylist gift with claimed positive sporting benefits. This particular model with bright green, waterproof, silicone strap looks great and is also designed to use magnets to realign the body’s magnetic fields, helping with muscle pain and sporting performance. The recipient of this gift will join a whole host of sporting legends to where Trion Z Active Sports Bracelets including, Cricket player, Jimmy Anderson, Golf’s Ricky Fowler and may more!

Suitable for guys and girls, the Trion Z Active Magnetic Sports Bracelet comes in a variety of colours to suit all and is available for just £19.99 and makes a smashing gift this Christmas.

4. 1000 Mile Fusion Sports Sock

Traditionally getting a pair of boring ol’ socks is the worst thing that could happen on Christmas morning, well these aren’t just an ordinary pair of socks. The 1000 Mile Fusion Sports Socks are the ultimate sports sock with anatomical padding, and a double layer to prevent friction, specialist water wicking material to keep feet dry and regulate the foots temperature.

The 1000 Mile Fusion Sports Sock comes in black or white and makes a fantastic stocking filler for runners, netball players and even sports coaches! Get the 1000 Mile Fusion Sports Sock for just £11.99 with FREE UK delivery.

5. Black ToeSox Without Toe

Keep toes toasty warm this winter with a pair of Black ToeSox. These grippy yoga socks are perfect for yoga and Pilates or any other indoor classes. The design of the socks mean that toes are free to spread and flex without restriction and feet grip to mats or floors with ease but feet stay warm and look the part. ToeSox come in a range of colours and patterns but this black version is very on trend and unisex.

To pop the Black ToeSox Without Toe in your stocking simply buy from Health and Care for £16.99 and make your yoga buddy smile this Christmas.

Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas!!