Sporting Hatred

Friday, 12 July 2013  |  Paul

This week’s blog is all about sporting hatred – to get us in the mood for a hot summer of sporting rivalry and rioting! Of course hopefully not the rioting, we’ve had enough of that in London.

This comes about through a recent discussion with a friend of mine on the topic of Andy Murray – someone which they despise – and so I asked him why he hated him so much. The reason I was given? Because of the football team he supported..

I find it a bizarre and saddening concept of hating someone purely on the basis of the team they support and it has led me to wonder when this all started? It can’t have been happening in the good old days, right? Surely old Henry of Crystal Palace never went around beating up poor Sebastian of Chelsea – or is this just a rose tinted view?
Does it arise from some primal desire for men to forge gangs and be something different to others for no other reason than to channel aggression in a post-Victorian era of social liberation and self-expression? Quite possibly.

But whatever, let’s not be booing our only hope in 1000 years of a British Wimbledon champion because he supports Kilmarnock or whatever it is, I say.