Spinning Classes…easy peasy!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013  |  Paul

..Or at least that’s what I thought after my first attempt about 5 weeks ago. I’d always been intrigued yet slight scared about trying a spinning class. Having just moved into a new flat which is 30 seconds away from a gym I thought why not give it a go!!

The instructor was really good and made sure the bike was in the right position me and was generally a really friendly guy. Once we got going I found it quite easy and left the class thinking I was some kind of superhuman seeing as everyone else was panting and dripping with sweat.

Since then I have been back regularly and have recently been going every other day. It has definitely been getting harder since the first class; I think that has been due to learning to add the resistance correctly and sometimes pushing it further.

The music helps you power through the pain and tiredness and you are motivated by feeling as part of the team.

I would recommend anyone to give it a try and guarantee it would go one of two ways; either you leave half way through or you stick in and become hooked.