Spam! Ainít the move itís imitation ham!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013  | 

After an unusually explosive response to my blog last week Idecided to write about spam email messages this week (not the Beastie Boys songfor anybody who got the lyrics there - I can sense your disappointment).
You see not all of the comments I have received regarding my post last weekhave been from actual people. In fact if I’m honest nobody real commented andthis raised the question of who and why?

I don’t know how these spam messages are generated or whobothers doing it. Does somebody actually sit there spouting this illegiblenonsense? Everyone knows spam can be irritating but I think some of it’s hilariousnonetheless. Here’s an excerpt from one post I received last week.

“Look, I really do notwant to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you are alive you’ve obtainedto flap your arms and legs, you’ve acquired to bounce close to a whole lot, forlife is the extremely opposite of dying, and as a result you have to at reallythe very least consider noisy and colourfully, or you are not alive. “

I agree. I don’t want to wax philosophically either and Isuppose they have a point there that life is indeed the extreme opposite ofdeath.. Have you had any wacky spam recently? Please do share it.

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