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Sof Sole Insoles

Friday, 9 May 2014  |  Paul

Sof Sole are one of our best-selling brands of insoles and heel protectors and with the amazing range of products they make and the quality of the products it’s easy to see why! Below are some profiles for some of our most popular Sof Sole products!

Sof Sole Gel Massaging Insoles

The Sof Sole Gel Massaging Insoles are available in both men’s and women’s versions to accommodate for the morphological differences between men’s and women’s feet in order to provide as comfortable fit as is possible. The Universal size of the insole allows for the wearer to purchase the insole without the need to worry about converting between UK, US, and EU sizes; it is also possible to trim the toe area of the Sof Sole Massaging Gel Insole to fit into your shoe perfectly providing a bespoke fit for the exact shape of your footwear.

The heel and arch areas of the insole are fitted with the unique Lightweight SofGel shock-absorbing material in order to absorb the direct shock experienced during sports and day-to-day activity. This shock absorption not only protects the foot from damage but also prevents injury to the ankle, knee, and hip for full lower-body comfort.

The SofGel Insoles material allows for use by wearers with any arch type making this an incredibly versatile insole option. This gel even protects the shoe thus extending the length of the life of the wearer’s shoe!

Sof Sole Gel Arch Insoles

The Sof Sole Gel Arch Insoles are the perfect solution for those with high arches who are constantly on their feet. The ‘foot-fatigue’ that can be experienced by people with especially low or high arches can be debilitating and can prevent the suffering from getting on with their day-to-day activities or hobbies. By fitting the Sof Sole Gel Arch Insoles into the shoe the wearer can provide their foot with the support needed to bounce back and get on with their days.

These Arch Insoles come complete with a double layer of the Lightweight SofGel shock absorption material for maximum cushioning and comfort. The polymer gel from which the insole is constructed eliminates the ‘bottoming out’ that some wearers experience with other insoles thus providing the wearer with a long-term solution to their foot pain.

As is the case with the Sof Sole Gel Massaging Insoles, the Sof Sole Gel Arch Insoles can be trimmed and are available in both men’s and women’s options.

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles

The Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles are a high-end, yet affordable, solution to foot and joint pain. These orthotic insoles combine 4 different high-tech technologies for ultimate comfort and stability. Like the Sof Sole Gel Arch Insoles, this insole is constructed from a durable polymer to prevent ‘bottoming out’ as is found in some other insoles. A special nylon stabilising plate is provided to provide additional stability to the foot in order to prevent over pronation or supination. The unique Hydrologix and CoolMax technologies allow for perspiration to be drawn from the foot to allow it evaporate quickly and keep the foot dry. The SkyDex air capsules fitted into the heel and the arch convert impact into kinetic energy to give the wearer an extra spring in their step. The top layer of the Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles is also endowed with special Implus Foam that allows air to circulate around the foot and discourages the growth of odour-causing bacteria. With all of these unique and high-tech features these insoles provide unbelievable comfort to correct foot and joint pain.

As is the case with the Sof Sole insoles these insoles are available in men’s and women’s options and can be trimmed to fit any type of footwear.

These are just a small sample of our amazing Sof Sole range, visit to see our full range.