Snacking in the workplace.

Thursday, 19 September 2013  |  Paul

A modern phenomenon. Another one. No doubt caused by the breakdown of traditional family values, unhealthy lifestyles and working more hours than any other country in Europe.

Apparently eating unhealthy snacks at your desk makes you pile on almost ‘half a stone a year’ which handily explains another depressing modern phenomenon of the obesity crisis. But reading one report in The Mail says we regularly eat at least two snacks a day (I laugh at such measly amounts) and that women admit to eating more than men (again not true in our office). They say that you’ll put on more than 5lb by snacking in the office which is bad news for all you office drones out there - fortunately my metabolism is the Bugatti Veyron of the biological world and these problems don’t apply to me.

Clearly though some people find it difficult to access a nutritional lunch within an hour - and when you think about it it’s a vicious circle that’s kind of our own fault (or at least the fault of the majority of idiots in our society). They want fast, tasty, (sugary, fatty) cheapish food that is handily provided by the like of McDonalds and thus more and more of these places open up in town and push the small places making (i.e.) fresh sandwiches out, becoming harder to find. Thus we are effectively reducing choice by ourselves and kicking out the healthy shops simply by choosing the same corporate fast food chain for lunch every day!

And then everybody’s complaining ‘oh we’re all having to snack because we’re all hungry because we’ve just eaten empty calories at lunch and now we’re all fat’. My. God.