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Smart Shake: The Smart Shaker Maker

Tuesday, 28 July 2015  |  Paul

Alright guys, time for a new leaf - gym bag out, towel in, protein powder packed, water flask full, we’re all set for sporting glory... Except you’re not, because an hour later your water flask has leaked, your protein powder has made a bid for freedom from its tupperware and your towel is now unrecognisable under the putrid protein porridge flooding the bottom of your bag. We remember those days, but at Health and Care we’re able to say they’re a thing of the past, because the future is all about Smart Shake

Shake Ya Flask, Watch Yourself

Gone are the days when you needed a thousand and one containers, gizmos and gadgets just to make yourself a protein shake — the Smart Shake flask is the answer to all your protein preparation problems in one neat, sleek little package.

A generous 600ml worth of storage made from BPA and DEHP free plastic is just the beginning of this happy ending to your gym-going tale. Splitting into 3, the Smart Shake can carry your water or juice in one fully leak-proof container, your powder in another and still give you one more to play with, perfect for snacks or supplements kept separate with a handy divider. You can even use this extra compartment as a hiding place for small change or locker keys. A snap on powder mixer means you can mix your drinks whenever and wherever you need and leaves you with no loose parts to keep track of as you take on the track, or the gym or the world!

SmartShake Protein Shaker

Available in six funky colours, Smart Shake’s compartments are easily interchangeable for any colour combination to let your uniquely clever shaker be unique to you. Attach it onto your bag with its handy carbine clip and proudly show the world that you’re a Smart Shaker. 

Shaking Up The Industry

Smart Shake grew from the mind of Michael Bergstrome, a Swedish entrepreneur whose first passion was not the gym, but gadgets. After an attempt to get fit left Bergstrome with many a plastic bag wasted on carrying supplements and a sticky set of car seats thanks to an unreliable water flask, the simple yet brilliant idea behind Smart Shake was born. The fact that it only took 4 years for Smart Shake to go from dream to reality proves it to be a much-needed innovation and now wholly-trusted gadget in many a gym-goer’s life.

Shake It Up

Not a fan of protein shakes? No problem, the Smart Shake is a fantastic storage solution for all your food and drink needs, you'll find a new way to use it every day. Freezer safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe, it’s a perfect container for soups, noodles or pasta, give it a blitz in the microwave and afterwards throw it in the dishwasher for a clean. Smart Shake may have started as a dream but it’s built for the realities of everyday life. 

Even your furry friends can make the most of Smart Shake’s super-convenient build!

Get your hands on the world’s handiest gym flask, visit Health and Care for our range from Smart Shake.