Sleep Ea-zZz-y With Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

Wednesday, 19 November 2014  |  Sophie

There is nothing worse than being unable to sleep at night - particularly if it is the sound of snoring that is keeping you up.  People of all ages, from children to adults, can be affected by snoring. Snoring can become a serious matter if it begins to affect a person's ability to concentrate during the day or causing relationship problems. If you are at the end of your tether with your partner's snoring, or you are a snorer yourself, read on to find out about the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray to help get a restful night's sleep.

What is the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray?

Rhynil Spray is a natural herbal spray that helps treats snoring using its astringent properties. Not only does the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray help reduce snoring, if you suffer from infectious conditions in your sinuses or nasal passages, the anti-bacterial and antiseptic element in the spray will help to combat this. What’s more, Rhynil also helps with the excessive build-up of mucus in your sinuses, therefore if catarrh is causing you misery; use Rhynil to help reduce this problem.

What is in the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray?

You can use Rhynil with peace of mind as the spray is made entirely from Euphrasia Officinalis, a natural herb, also known as Eyebright. The leaves of the Eyebright plant are added to salads, so you can be rest assured that the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray is safe to use.

How Do I Use the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray?

Rhynil is particularly effective at stopping snoring that is caused by ‘palatal flutter’, which is when the soft palate in the back of your mouth vibrates. It is easy and simple to use the Rhynil Spray; simply shake the bottle and then spray the product into your nose and mouth twice, breathing in gently whilst spraying. Repeat this process in the morning, when you wake up and at night, just before you sleep. You should begin to see the effect of the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray within a week of the using the product.

So, why not give the Rhynil Spray for nose and mouth a try today? Rhynil comes in a 35ml bottle and one bottle should keep you sleeping peacefully for approximately 4 weeks.  The Rhynil Spray has been endorsed by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association and is available today at with free UK delivery.