What, if any, are the side effects of using SweatBlock?

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sweat is just a reality of life for most people, especially in the hotter months. It can get in the way of all sorts of things – ruining shirts, killing your confidence and causing that familiar foul odour that can follow you just about anywhere. We've all tried plenty of antiperspirants that do a partial job on the issue, so when one comes along claiming to rid you of problem-sweating entirely, it's only natural to be sceptical. That's why we've decided to put on our detective hats and investigate the Side Effects of SweatBlock.

What are the side effects of sweatblock?
We've scoured our customer feedback to find the truth about SweatBlock and its side effects

Does SweatBlock Really Work?

After an avalanche of feedback from our customers, the only logical answer is: yes, it does. By simply dabbing the product on their underarms once a week before going to bed, the Health and Care community has found that SweatBlock can almost entirely eliminate their underarm sweat – even for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or problem sweating! You can read what our customers think of SweatBlock on the product page.

Will SweatBlock Irritate My Skin?

From most accounts, SweatBlock will actually provide a cool, pleasant feeling when applied to skin. On the other hand, some customers with sensitive skin have reported feeling some irritation or itching after application, so it's best to test the product on a small area of skin to see how your body reacts. Most irritation occurs as a result of wiping the towelette rather than dabbing, or using SweatBlock right after shaving. Avoid those common pitfalls, and you should be just fine.

Is SweatBlock Safe?

The resounding answer here is yes. SweatBlock has been developed to meet each and every FDA guideline for antiperspirants, putting the health of the customer above all else. In fact, since SweatBlock is designed to be used only once a week, it can actually limit your exposure to antiperspirant ingredients when compared to the use of other clinical-strength deodorants.

Will SweatBlock Ruin my Shirts?

Most leading clinical-strength antiperspirants will leave an unsightly stain on your shirt, and since SweatBlock is so good at getting rid of sweat, it must as well, right? Wrong! SweatBlock's formula has found a way around the stained-shirt issue for good, providing you with all the power without the need for a change of wardrobe. You can finally enjoy your favourite white and brightly coloured shirts without that familiar yellow tinge.

How Does SweatBlock Perform vs Other Clinical-Strength Antiperspirants?

SweatBlock isn't the only product that claims to get rid of your sweat, but according to our customers, it's certainly one of the most effective. You only need to browse our customer feedback for a few seconds to see stories of finding SweatBlock after trying countless other alternatives, and never looking back. Without the prescriptions, unpleasant smells and residues found in competitors, SweatBlock delivers nothing but results.

Try it Yourself

After going over the evidence, it seems that SweatBlock is our customers' favourite hyperhidrosis and sweat solution. You can get some for yourself here at Health and Care with free UK delivery, with bulk packs available to sort you out for months on end!

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