Sensory Toys for Christmas 2018

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

In the development process of every child, sensory stimulation plays a key role. It moulds the way they perceive and interact with the world, as the more sensory stimulation they receive, the more information they will retain and apply to their daily interactions. For some children, such as those with autism, there will be a risk of sensory overload as a result of everyday activities, so everything we can do to equip them to deal with all sorts of sensory stimulation can go a long way to their socialisation with the everyday world.

Sensory Toys to Boost Development

The best way to introduce new sensory experiences to children is through play. This allows the child to gain a relationship with the different sensations they will experience in their day-to-day life, and gives them the tools they need to engage with these stimuli in a positive way. There are all sorts of sensory toys available that can excite, soothe and teach your child, and the use of these toys in the right way can be a powerful tool for social connection and learning. 

Sensory toys for Christmas 2018
Sensory toys can help children develop a working relationship with the world around them

At, we offer a wide range of sensory toys for children with autism and other conditions. Here, we've put together a list of our and our customers' favourites, designed to stimulate a range of sensations and help your child connect with the world around them. Helping with the development of social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and self-control skill, these sensory toys can be the key to unlocking key aspects of your child's potential. 

Toys to Outfit your Sensory Room

A sensory room can be a great tool to help your child develop, as you can fill a space with all sorts of things to stimulate all sorts of senses. By properly outfitting your sensory room, you can offer a space that will provide as much stimulation as possible.

PlayLearn Sensory Light-Up Floor Tile

PlayLearn Sensory Light-Up Floor TileA key aspect of every sensory toy is its ability to engage the child and encourage movement to link their actions with sensory stimulation. The PlayLearn Sensory Light-Up Floor Tile is an excellent addition to any sensory room, and can be combined with other tiles to create a colourful and swirling collage.

Responding with flowing, impressionistic swirls of colour when pressure is applied, these tiles can stand up to all sorts of abuse, including the weight of wheelchairs and trolleys, making them ideal for any sensory environment. For a more affordable option, these tiles are also available in a Non-Light Up version.

PlayLearn Bubble Tube 105cm

PlayLearn Bubble Tube 105cmProviding a calm and tranquil environment is important for the well-being of every child, and this is especially true for sensory environments. Water features are excellent for providing plenty of sensory stimulation in a calming way, which is why the PlayLearn Bubble Tube 105cm fits in so well. This tube encourages visual tracking, concentration and touch, providing a colourful swirl of bubbles that will engage the child immediately. Illuminated by a colour-changing LED, this is another popular and useful addition to any sensory space.

Engaging Sensory Games

Games are a powerful tool for engaging every child, making them a perfect strategy for encouraging sensory development. Putting fun first and letting the sensory stimulation follow, games will help your child enjoy the learning process while giving carers a useful way to connect with them.

New Age Sensory Sound Boccia Set

New Age Sensory Sound Boccia SetOriginally developed as an inclusive game for the visually impaired, the New Age Sensory Sound Boccia Set has also been found to be an excellent all-round sensory stimulation tool for all children. A fun and engaging activity for parents and children of all abilities, this game includes 13 boccia balls, each fitted with a bell that can be heard loudly by all players. An increasingly popular sport at the Paralympics, boccia will be a instant hit that packs plenty of sensory stimulation.

Tactile Discs Sensory Game

Tactile Discs Sensory GameGames that actively engage a child's memory are especially useful, as they encourage a deeper recognition of the sensory experience to provide a powerful boost to both sensory and memory development. The Tactile Discs Sensory Game works to challenge the child's sense of touch and recognition, requiring them to match the tactile nature of different structures together. Engaging and fun, this unique game is a welcome change from the slightly duller sensory matching tasks that make up many sensory games.

Fun Sensory Toys

While there are plenty of sensory toys designed to engage children in a structured way, sometimes something as simple as a visually stimulating or tactile ball can engage their imagination more than anything else. These toys provide the child with some baseline stimulation while allowing them to create their own fun through imagination and intuition, which can be extremely rewarding for their confidence and independence.

Sensory Glow in the Dark Squidge Ball

Sensory Glow in the Dark Squidge BallThis is just what it sounds like: a glowing, squeezable rubber ball with tactile ridges to make it even more stimulating. The Sensory Glow in the Dark Squidge Ball is very simple in design, but opens up an endless array of possibilities for the child to uncover. An ideal accessory to boost the sensory stimulation of all sorts of activities, this ball may very well end up being your most used and beloved sensory toy.

Sensory UV Touchable Bubbles

Sensory UV Touchable BubblesEveryone's familiar with the enjoyment a child can get out of a simple tube of bubbles, but few of us realise the powerful sensory experience it can provide. The Sensory UV Touchable Bubbles provide this experience and mix it with a boosted visual engagement of a bright UV reaction. These bubbles are unique in that they can easily be touched, caught and stacked, making them perfect for providing a gentle tactile stimuli that is visually engaging at the same time. Ideal for any sensory space, indoors or out, this simple addition can make for hours of enjoyment and stimulation.

Engaging Sensory Christmas Gifts

All of these sensory toys will make a perfect gift for any child that will benefit from sensory engagement, making them an ideal gift idea for the Christmas season. Providing fun, social connection and learning opportunities for any child, these sensory toys are sure to be a hit this season. If these suggestions don't seem right for your child, and you'd like to see what else the sensory world has to offer, you can browse our entire selection of Sensory Interaction Toys here!

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PlayLearn Sensory Light-Up Floor Tile
  • Sensory floor tile - great for sensory rooms
  • Pattern changes as pressure is applied
  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Safe and durable - can bear the weight of wheelchairs and trolleys

New Age Sensory Sound Boccia Set
  • Boccia set for the visually impaired
  • Includes six red and six blue balls
  • One white jack is also included
  • Balls emit a sound for aural location

Tactile Discs Sensory Game
  • Set of 10 discs of differing sizes and structures
  • Versatile for a variety of development activities
  • Flat design for easy storage
  • Made of soft rubber to keep feet safe