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Seen Tour de France 2015? We've Got the Tape!

Monday, 27 July 2015  |  Paul

We don’t know about you, but the Health and Care team were very excited to watch the Tour De France unfold over the weekend and leave us with a Great British Champion in Chris Froome. We like to think we're not so different from the star bikers we watched pedal to glory, we both have eyes on the prize - theirs is fame and wealth, ours is your daily health. This is why, even while we were glued to our TV screens, we couldn’t help but notice that the riders were taped.

No doubt you spotted it yourself, if not during France’s premier cycling race, then during other major sporting events, wondering just what on earth is that brightly coloured tape athletes sometimes plaster themselves with? It may look like a strange form of war paint for sportsmen and women ready to take on a challenge, but believe it or not, this tape, known as KT or Kinesiology Tape, is actually a medical aid for athlete’s aching muscles.

Are You Taping The Mick?!

We know it may seem strange, it certainly looks very funky, but this highly elastic tape is actually incredibly effective for treating muscle aches and pains, not that you would be the first to doubt its capabilities. A study proved that KT tape gave immediate relief to injured areas when compared to standard tape, erasing the notion that the seemingly new creation was just this season's latest sports gimmick. With the like of tennis champ Novak Djokovic and striker Mario Balotelli turning to this super-colourful support aid in times of need, the best practitioners of its precise application are now even officially certified. Not bad for a roll of tape, right?

Roll Up, Roll Up!

Want to know more about KT tape? As with a lot of things fantastic and bizarre, it came from Japan. Developed in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, the tape gently lifts the skin covering a muscle to help blood flow more freely in and around it. A revolutionary take on the traditional taping methods, KT tape doesn’t constrict the muscle or hinder its movement or blood flow — it encourages the muscle to recover naturally in a supported, well circulated state. It also protects healthy muscles during the strain of tournaments, which is why you will have seen many a cyclist pedal past the world's cameras last weekend with their muscles preserved in a rainbow of wrappings.

See Our Full Range of KT Tape

You'll probably not have seen two uses the same, either. The versatility of the tape means there is an endless range of styles and techniques. From a single strip over the aching muscle to a star burst across the entire site or intricately layered criss-cross patterns to support the area in motion, applications of KT Tape are almost endless. The level of personal support and application is limitless, just peel a strip off and stick it on your way! It’s also sweat-proof, swim-proof and can last for days to deliver constant treatment day and night. Best of all, it gives a skin-tight barely-there fit that can be applied anywhere on the body — no wonder it’s become a staple in any sports therapist’s bag.

Look Good, Feel Good

KT Tape is shameless about its effective treatment, if it’s helping you compete, then KT Tape wants your competitors to know it. With colours such as Hero Pink, Epic Purple, Solar Yellow, or Blaze Orange, KT Tape is as much the must-have sports fashion accessory or medal of honour to hard-working muscles as it is a tried and tested medical aid.

Here at Health and Care we’re all for bringing some colour to your recovery, so we stock all the brightest shades of KT Tape (or a Stealthy Beige, if you prefer) all offering the high-performance of this unique muscle support - so tape up the mantle of many a world champion and give these nifty little strips of colour a go!

Visit Health and Care for our full range of KT Tape!