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Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

How to Work From Home In Comfort This Winter 2022

Saturday, 18 December 2021  |  Paul

Working from home exacerbates many of the existing problems we experience during the winter months: light deprivation, cold and increased stress to name just a few. Here at Health and Care we've identified six of the most common problems and suggested an economical and practical solution.

Home Office Ideas and Concerns

The pandemic has forced many office workers to retreat to their homes this winter. We might be more protected from catching the virus, but that doesn't mean we're not vulnerable to the pitfalls of home-working. Home-offices are the new normal, so it's important you're prepared to deal with any problems that may arise.

Looking for Something In Particular?

Are you facing a particular issue working from home? To skip ahead to our solution just see the list below:

How Can I Heat My Home Office Cheaply?

One big advantage of working in an office is that employers generally heat them over winter. However, if you're working from home you probably won't be keen on leaving the heating on all day. It's important to find a cheap and efficient way of heating your workspace for both your comfort and your health.

Our Solution: Beurer HD 75 Cosy Heated Blanket

Beurer HD 75 Cosy Heated Blanket 

Why we love it...

  • Fleecy and luxuriant electric blanket to keep warm at home
  • Far cheaper to run than heating your entire house or room
  • Automatic switch-off after three hours for safety reasons
  • Six settings so you can find the perfect temperature

Editor's Verdict: If you find yourself struggling to get out of your warm bed on winter mornings then the Beurer HD 75 Cosy Heated Blanket will offer you a warm desk-chair as motivation. This ultra-soft blanket envelops you in delicious heat while you work. 

For a full list of similar products why not try our Heating and Warmth category. The HomeGlow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover is a great alternative, fitting over the back of your favourite chair and providing unobtrusive warmth throughout the day. 

How Can I Cope with Lack of Sunlight? 

Natural sunlight has a big impact on both our body and our mood, and the lack of it can lead to lethargy, disrupted sleep and depression. If you're working from home all day you'll probably feel starved of the sun's rays, and your work and happiness will suffer.

Our Solution: Beurer TL 100 Daylight Therapy SAD Lamp

Beurer TL 100 Daylight Therapy SAD Lamp

Why we love it...

  • Even illumination ensures you get your full sunlight quotient
  • Stylish LED design fits easily on your desk
  • Easy to control via Beurer LightUp app
  • Can be switched to cycling ambient colours for relaxation or a Zoom party backdrop!

Editor's Verdict: Whether you generally find yourself blue in the winter, or if the lockdown/cold weather combination has finally got to you, a little more sunlight goes a long way. You'll be shocked by the difference the Beurer TL 100 Daylight Therapy SAD Lamp makes to your mood.

For a full list of similar products why not try our SAD light and Light Therapy Category.

How Can I Keep My Hands Warm While I Type? 

Most office workers spend an enormous amount of time clicking, scrolling and typing. This can leave your hands especially vulnerable to the cold, as you can't easily tuck them under a blanket. Cold fingers are both distracting and uncomfortable. 

Our Solution: Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves

Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves

Why we love them...

  • Infused silver construction retains heat and keeps you warm
  • Fingerless design allows for maximum sensitivity and control while typing
  • Soft cotton blend for all-day comfort

Editor's Verdict: Designed originally for sufferers of Raynaud's disease, these Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves are ideal for anyone feeling the cold this winter. The gloves will keep your hands warm without impeding your ability to type.

For a full list of similar products try our Heated Clothing category.

How Do I Keep In Shape Working From Home? 

For many of us, our commute to and from work represented a significant portion of our overall exercise. It can be tempting to stop exercising altogether over lockdown, however you'll find yourself listless if you don't expend that energy. 

Our Solution: Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer

Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer

Why we love it...

  • Workout while you work!
  • Easy to use at your desk
  • Compact design for problem-free storage
  • Great economical alternative to a standing bike

Editor's Verdict: The Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer lets you work out while you work in your home office. Sit at your desk clocking up numbers on the pedometer and keep yourself in shape over lockdown.

For a full list of similar products why not see our Fitness at Home category.

How Can I Work In Bed More Comfortably? 

Depending on your living situation, you might find the only place you can work at home is in bed. There are some obvious comfort advantages to this, but it can cause serious damage to your back if you're unsupported. 

Our Solution: Harley Bed Relaxer White Bed Wedge Pillow

Harley Bed Relaxer White Bed Wedge Pillow

Why we love it...

  • Offers ample support for the back and neck
  • Foam construction is ultra-comfy
  • Improves posture, reducing pressure from points on your spine

Editor's Verdict: The Harley Bed Relaxer White Bed Wedge Pillow rests easily against any headboard or wall, and will ensure your back remains in a healthy position during a day of working from home in bed.

For a full list of relevant products try our Pressure Relief category.

How Should I Cope with Excess Stress? 

Insomnia and anxiety have both skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic for obvious reasons. For many people, being surrounded by others in an office setting is a good way of releasing tension. Now that we can't socialise the same way during work hours, how can we cope with the excess stress?

Our Solution: Beurer LA30 Colour Change Aroma Diffuser

Beurer LA30 Colour Change Aroma Diffuser

Why we love it...

  • Diffuses calming aromas around your home office
  • Increases cognitive function and energy as well as elevating mood
  • Ambient colour-changing LED light

Editor's Verdict: It's difficult to be stressed in a workspace lit by a soft ambient glow and permeated by pleasant smells. If you need help calming down and focusing while at work the Beurer LA30 Colour Change Aroma Diffuser  is a portable and convenient way of making a huge difference.

For a full list of similar products please see our Air Purifiers category.

Count Your Blessings...

If you're finding it tough to deal with home-working then take a deep breath and think about all the money you've saved on your commute. Why not put it to use acquiring the right workspace amenities? Ensure your home-office scores highly for employee satisfaction!

Has this article provided you with the information you were looking for? Let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook or Twitter!

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