Salitair Salt Pipe Inhalers Make a Huge Difference

Saturday, 6 June 2009  |  Paul

Salitair Salt Pipe Inhalers Make a Huge Difference

The Salitair Salt Pipe was recommended by Dr Chris Steel on ITV’s This Morning programme back in February for people suffering with asthma. Since then, the Salitair Salt Pipes have sold in their thousands, and Health and Care have had some incredible feedback from customers who have been using the salt pipe and have left Salitair reviews.

The Salitair is used for 15 minutes every day, and is so easy to fit into your day. Most people use it while watching television in the evening, but you can use it when reading or relaxing. As long as you are fitting it in to your day, the results can be fantastic.

People with COPD, emphysema and asthma have reported that they have experienced a less disturbed sleep along with a reduction in coughing and wheezing. The Salitair can even be used by hay fever suffers to reduce the stuffiness that can often spoil a summer.

Salt inhaler therapy causes mucus to become thinner allowing easier expectoration, easier breathing, a significant improvement in FEV1 as well as reducing night suffocation. The Salitair clinical test results suggested that the salt pipe was effective in providing these fantastic improvements and this has been confirmed time and time again by Health and Care’s customers, many of whom have bought several Salitairs for friends and family.

Using the Salitair is easy. Simply fill the chamber with salt crystals that are provided with the Salitair and breathe in through the mouthpiece. Exhale through your nose and repeat these procedures breathing naturally through the device for 15 minutes. The Salitair is constructed from plastic, making it light and easy to hold in the same position for any length of time. This also allows the Salitair to be cleaned with ease when required. The salt crystals that are provided with the Salitair last for three to four months giving you plenty of time to experience the benefits of the Salitair salt inhaler system.

The Salitair is not only a great product to buy for yourself to improve your condition, but makes the perfect healthy gift for friends and family who may suffer from asthma, COPD or emphysema.

The salt crystals used in the Salitair are 100% natural and there are no additives or preservatives. The levels of salt inhaled when using the Salitair ensure that there is no risk to those with high blood pressure although it is always recommended that you consult your GP before use to ensure that the Salitair is suitable for you.

Take a look at the Salitair and the other asthma and hay fever products from Health and Care. You’re sure to find something that will help you care for your health.