Rumble Rollers and Beastie Balls from Health and

Wednesday, 3 December 2014  |  Amy

Rumble Rollers are specially designed rollers with modified bumps to replicate the effects of a massage therapist upon your body. With a range of specially designed bumps, which are firmer than muscle but softer than bone, the Rumble Rollers are renowned for their pain relieving ability. Suitable and effective for use on your back, calf or neck, the Rumble Roller is a multi-use pain reliving tool. 

Athletes, therapists and PT's use the benefits of Rumble Rollers to relieve muscular pain and tightness, as the Rumble Roller was designed to overcome the limited capacity of foam rollers to improve blood flow and tissue flexibility. With the range of bumps you can be assured that this is more than just your standard foam roller.

The Rumble Roller is made from high-density EVA foam, offering a solid core designed to erode trigger points and help restore flexibility. With a smooth non-porous surface the Rumble Roller repels most dirt and includes a melded-in antimicrobial additive that prevents the development of fungus and bacteria.

Here is a list of our most popular Rumble Rollers and Beastie Balls:

Rumble Roller Extra Firm Black - Full Size

The Rumble Roller Extra Firm Black measures 15x77.5 cm, making it the largest Rumble Roller available, useful for full self-massages. Each Rumble Roller is provided with an illustrated instruction guide showing 10 basic techniques for self-massage.

One Rumble Roller exercise suggested for the Extra Firm Black is the Back and Forth Rolling Motion - With an asymmetrical shape to the bumps found on the Rumble Roller, this form of motion is both the most commonly used but also proves to be the easiest for those with reduced mobility. During this process the bumps will flex rather easily against your body resulting in a massage like therapy.

Rumble Roller Original Blue - Compact Size

The Rumble Roller Original Blue - Compact Size is a smaller Rumble Roller measuring 12.5 x 30cm. Like the Extra, the Rumble Roller Original is able to provide self-massages to the back, neck and calf, making it an excellent pain relieving tool.

Rumble Roller Beastie Ball & Base

Expanding on the Rumble Roller, the Rumble Roller Extra Firm & Original Beastie Balls were designed to provide a more intense and user defined massage approach. The Rumble Roller Beastie Ball & Base offers more affordable and portable option for self-massage and can be used for many different techniques.

The Rumble Roller Beastie Ball provides a different approach to the larger Rumble Roller, and can be used to dig deeper into a troublesome areas or to work with greater detail on small muscles e.g. those of the forearms or calves. Great techniques are shown on the Rumble Roller & Beastie SMR Tips DVD.