Rugby Injuries: What You Need to Know

Tuesday, 18 August 2015  |  John

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Learn About the Injuries That Can Be Inflicted Playing Rugby

Rugby Injuries: What You Need to Know

Half of all injuries are caused by tackling or being tackled

Concussion is the most common injury

Hookers and Flankers usually take the most injuries

Locks in a scrum are most at risk of cauliflower ears (thickening or deforming of the ear)

Injuries are most common during the second half of the game

Wings, fullbacks and centres are at the most risk of injury in the backs

Back Phil Vickery – A back injury caused him to miss the 2003 Six Nations For him: Serola Sacroiliac Belt

Jaw Sam Warburton – Broke his jaw during a Wales - South Africa match in 2010 For him: Opro Mouthguards

Elbow Jamie Roberts – suffered a torn ligament in his elbow during a game between Wales & Australia For him: Donjoy Arcticflow Elbow Wrap

Ankle Jonah Lomu – Had to pull out of a charity match in 2008 because of an ankle injury during training For him: PSB Ankle Brace

Injuries By The Numbers:

Rugby players are 3x as likely to be injured than football players

After the Scotland - Wales World Cup match in 2007, 5 players ended up in hospital - 3 from Scotland and 2 from Wales

Each player performs between 20 and 40 tackles per match on average

Only 57% of injuries actually happen during the game, the rest happen during training

1 in 7 rugby injuries are sprained ankles

An average team will have 8 players injured out of a squad of 40 at any one time

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