RooBoard - Wobble Boards For Your Wobbly Bits

8 CommentsMonday, 10 June 2013  |  Paul

Wobble boards are a great way to improve you balance, core stability and tone up those wobbly bits. Wobble boards work in the same way as a Power Plate but are a lot cheaper, much more compact and I think actually more versatile.

The newest edition to the Health and Care wobble board range is the RooBoard. Designed by a personal trainer and keen surfer, the RooBoard consists of 3 simple parts, the board and 2 wobble cells. If used consistently you can tone up your entire body, ready for hitting the beach this summer.

There are loads of exercises that the RooBoard can be used for and will make your workout much more effective as your core will be unstable. When you are unstable and not balanced your muscles automatically react to this and work to keep you in a stable and upright (think about what happens when you stand on one leg). The more you use it, the stronger your core will become.

You can use this at home or in the gym do standard squat, lunge and press up work outs, as well as some of the more creative surf inspired movements. Check out the video below for some inspiration:

The RooBoard also comes with a carry bag so there are no excuses for not taking it to the gym!

Good luck and I hope you’re all enjoying the sun!

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