Ring ring...

1 CommentFriday, 31 May 2013  |  Paul

How many phone conversations do you have per week over the phone? Is this something you take for granted?  Most people in the UK have friends and family who struggle to hear conversations over the telephone and this causes frustration when trying to communicate with others whether family, friends or wanting to speak to any professional organisation.

Personally I have family and friends across the UK and enjoy spending time over the telephone catching up with them. For those who are hard of hearing this is really difficult and becomes something that becomes a chore. For example my Dad is registered deaf and becomes very frustrated during phone conversations as he cannot hear everything that people (including myself) say in a conversation and feels awkward when asking others to repeat things.

This completely changed after his birthday when he received an Amplified Mobile Telephone. It was an instant change. He actually enjoys talking to people and can understand more of a conversation over the phone, which is great for me as I have to shout less and not repeat things as much. He uses it when he is out and has found that he doesn’t have to worry about answering the phone as he can hear much more of the conversation.

I would say that an amplified mobile telephone for those who are hard of hearing is a lifesaver and it has certainly helped my Dad on many occasions. If you are in a similar situation have a look at our Amplified Mobile telephones as this range that is constantly expanding, we even have a smartphone now available from the Doro range.