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ReTurn 7500i Sit to Standing Transfer Aid

2 CommentsWednesday, 2 September 2015  |  Alex

ReTurn 7500i Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

The ReTurn 7500i Sit To Stand Transfer Aid is a multi-functional, pivoting and transportation platform.The ReTurn 7500i Sit To Stand Transferring Platform is also a rehabilitation device. For users who still retain some strength, the ReTurn 7500i Transfer Platform stimulates the natural pattern of moving when progressing from sit-to-stand and it also strengthens a range of muscles. This makes the ReTurn 7500i an ideal tool in a rehabilitation unit and a home user can normally manage to remain in their own home far longer with the help of just one carer.

Features of the ReTurn 7500i Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

The ReTurn 7500i Patient Transfer Platform provides a secure and active transfer method when the user has to stand up and be moved to a bed, wheelchair or the toilet. For the carer, it is an easy procedure which eliminates all heavy lifting procedures, and creates a safe and effective intermediary contact surface. It eliminates the need for a patient to hold or grip onto the care giver. This is especially important where a patient may be unsteady as when falling they may hold or grab the care-giver, in turn causing both the patient and care-giver to fall. Without this contact and by using the ReTurn 7500i the care-giver is instead able to assist an unsteady patient rather than instinctively attempting to secure their own stability. The ReTurn 7500i provides the safety and time to assist the patient in this situation.

The ReTurn 7500i rolls easily even with a heavy user. It makes it possible to place the wheelchair at a comfortable distance from the bed to provide the carer more space to work safely.

The ReTurn 7500i Transferring Aid has a standard height ladder-type frame that suits most adults. The spacing of the gripping bars provides multiple hand placement options for the user.

The ReTurn 7500i has a foot brake on each wheel.

Maximum user weight = 150kg (333lbs).

Uses For The Return 7500i Transferring Platform

The ReTurn 7500i is used indoors for shorter transfers between wheelchair and bed, wheelchair and toilet/portable toilet/wheelchair or chair/armchair. The ReTurn7500i can also be used to aid repositioning farther back in the chair. The Return 7500i is designed for easy manoeuvring and use in confined spaces. It is easy to assemble and disassemble in just two sections for easier transport and storage.

Using the ReTurn 7500i to test standing function

The Return 7500i is ideal for testing a patient's standing function in cases where there is uncertainty as to whether the patient is able to rise from a seated to standing position.

Using the ReTurn 7500i for training standing function

The ReTurn 7500i can also be used to train the patient's standing , sitting and sit-to-stand function. To measure improvement , use a stopwatch or clock with a second hand to time the patient.

Using the ReTurn 7500i for transferring

Bed To Wheelchair

Place the wheelchair at some distance from the bed to allow enough working space. Lock the wheelchair wheels. Place the patient's feet on the base plate. The patient grasps the raising ladder, leans forward and then raises himself/herself.

Pull the ReTurn 7500i back somewhat , and then steer in towards the wheelchair.

Position the ReTurn 7500i close enough to enable good placement in the wheelchair. The caregiver applies counter pressure before the patient sits down.

To Toilet / Shower Chair

For transfers to the toilet, space is allowed for the caregiver to assist the patient with the pants. The back also has a small recess that allows the patient to get close to the toilet and achieve a good seated position.

Using the ReTurn 7500i for bringing a patient forward if sitting too far back in their wheelchair

If the patient slides forward in the wheelchair, the ReTurn 7500i can be used to help the patient to slide farther back in the chair. Remove/raise the wheelchair foot plates, and then run the ReTurn 7500i in towards the wheelchair. The patient places his/her feet on the foot plate, grasps the raising ladder, leans forward, and then lifts from the seat. The caregiver provides counter pressure. Slide the patient farther back in the chair when he/she has lifted slightly from the seat. 

Is The ReTurn 7500i Right For Me?

The ReTurn 7500i is not intended for long transfers. The ReTurn 7500i can only be used on flat floors. The caregiver must always apply counter pressure when the patient is standing up, sitting down and during the actual transfer.

To transfer with the ReTurn 7500i the patient must be able to:

  • support weight while standing;
  • stand up and maintain balance with support;
  • grasp handles;
  • understand instructions.

The ReTurn 7500i weights approximately 15kg making it easy to use around the home. 

Maintaining the ReTurn 7500i

Check the condition and function of the ReTurn 7500i regularly. Check to ensure that material is free from damage. If there are signs of wear, the product must be inspected and serviced.

The product should be inspected yearly, and otherwise as required, by a qualified technician. Service must be performed by a qualified technician.

To clean, simply use a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent such as dishwashing liquid or car shampoo to clean the ReTurn. Do not use abrasive cloths or brushes to clean the base plate. Do not use solvents. To disinfect, use 70% alcohol.

Friday, 13 November 2015  |  22:23

The most innovative, fantastic piece of equipment for people with limited mobility! Allows a person to be cared for at home with the help of just one carer. Ideal for transfers to toilet/shower/wheelchair/bed saving carers' back straining injuries. Small enough to be used at home as it fits most doorways. Impressed! Would definitely recommend!