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Friday, 22 August 2014  |  Amy

There are many back supports and massaging products available to help relief and prevent further back pain. Here at Health and, we’ve compiled a list of 3 of our top back care products to narrow down your search:

Harley Sacroiliac Back Support Belt

The Harley Sacroiliac Back Support Belt provides additional stabilisation of the sacrum alongside added pelvic support, re-establishing the joints' natural movement. The Harley Sacroiliac Back Support Belt also features additional side pulls for extra support and stability.

The full Harley Back Support Range has been used in clinical practice for many years, providing gentle and flexible support whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine, helping you to stay safe and banish pain.

All Harley Back Supports are covered by a 12 month guarantee.

Arthritis Glucosamine Soothing Muscle and Joint Gel 125ml

The Arthritis Glucosamine Soothing Muscle and Joint Gel 125ml is a powerful, penetrating new gel which works harmoniously to promote healthy, supple joints and relieve pain.

The Arthritis Glucosamine Soothing Muscle and Joint Gel 125ml features a powerful new formula combining glucosamine with an already proven formula of eucalyptus, rosemary and camphor to create a powerful, penetrating new gel.

The Arthritis Glucosamine Soothing Muscle and Joint Gel 125ml provides an effective solution to pain relief as liquids are absorbed faster and more effectively than solids, the gel penetrates straight to the affected area, delivers the power where it is needed stimulating joint function and repair. This gel can be used on the back to help relieve muscle pain.

Dynaspine Office Chair

The Dynaspine Office Chair is designed to alleviate back pain and prevent the symptoms of bad back.

Dynaspine is a unique new technology which allows dynamic supported movement of the spine.  The Dynaspine Office Chair possesses two flexible support plates, which mould and adjust to your position.  They pivot upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards to ensure that your back is constantly supported and posture is maintained, throughout movement.

The Dynaspine Office Chair includes;

  • Two flexible pivoted support plates, which move in four directions
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Padded seat for added comfort
  • Caster wheels for easy movement and stability
  • 360º rotation
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