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Rehband: Support Where You Need It

Friday, 7 August 2015  |  John

Rehband is a global sports supports manufacturer with a rich heritage of supporting athletes when they need it. Founded in 1955, Rehband first sold braces and soft shoe insoles, and since then has developed products to help athletes at every level.

Over 50 Years Experience

Since 1955 Rehband has learned a huge amount about the needs of athletes. This understanding, combined with their extensive expertise in sports medicine means that they are able to deliver high-quality products that stand up to the everyday tests that they’re put through.

In Control

With their in house research and development team and their own manufacturing site, Rehband is able to have total control over their products. By taking this much care over quality control, they can be sure that every product they sell is as good as it can be.

See Our Range of Rehband Products

But they’re not above listening to feedback. Athletes who use their products every day are the ones who know Rehband’s products the best and Rehband is aware of this. That’s why each of their products has changed and been tweaked to match the needs of athletes, based on detailed feedback that they have received from users.

Working With Athletes

Today, Rehband has over 50 partner federations, associations, teams and professional athletes who use and endorse their products, including the British Handball Association. These partnerships help to strengthen Rehband’s connection with the sporting world. 

By working closely with athletes at the highest level they can understand and meet the biggest needs and demands of sport today.

Every Level of Athletics Covered    

But don’t let this attachment to pro athletes think that Rehband’s products are only for professional athletes. Rehband wants to ensure that their products can reach as many active people as possible; regardless of how long they’ve been at it or on what level they perform. If you’re active Rehband wants you to be better, and they want to help you be better.

Every Body Part Covered

Rehband wants every part of your body to have the support it might needs, so they make things for every part of your body, from your ankle to your elbow. This comprehensive platform gives them a fantastic competitive advantage; by providing a support for each part of your body they can work to ensure that each one works with the others as well as possible. 

This is great for athletes and physiotherapists alike, who want to be able to give the most comprehensive and compatible support available to those who need it. 

If you’re interested in purchasing some Rehband sports supports, head on over to Health and Care and check out our full Rebhand Range.