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​Rehband Rules Rugby

Tuesday, 11 August 2015  |  Paul

Health and Care only want the best for you, we try to set a good example by providing you with the best products to keep your health and fitness on track, but even we can’t compete with Rugby player Luther Burrell - fortunately, he’s on our side and also a firm supporter of Rehband's awesome products.  

Yes, even the professionals aren’t immune to injury and even the great champions of the sporting world have exactly the same products helping them get on the mend as we proudly offer to you. Looking for a preventative rather than a cure? This innovative brand can do that too.

Ka Mate, Ka Mate….Aargh! 

One wrong move and your rugby playing days could be over for the foreseeable future, so while intimidating your opponents with bravado has always been a rugby favourite, we hope you’ll reward your limbs with some dedication to their protection. You may not be taking on the All Blacks, but you surely don’t want your knees to be all black either, so try some protection to keep bruises at bay.

With rugby injury rates being three times higher than that of football and with 40% of all injuries involving muscle bruises or joint strains, it’s a brave man who steps onto the pitch expecting to step off unscathed. Knee ligament injuries are often a souvenir many players can carry from the scrum, while knee arthritis is a common legacy of a life on the pitch, so protection is vital to keeping you safe and healthy not only in the heat of a match, but throughout your daily life. It’s a simple philosophy, but one that this brand take seriously — your sporting performance could depend upon it.

The Heat is On

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of a match and forget to warm up properly when you’re already feeling pumped, but your legs will definitely thank you for a few rounds of warming stretches before they carry you through to rugby victory. These knee braces, as perfectly modelled by our rugby champ here, are designed to keep the area warm via its brilliant heat retention - perhaps not what you expect from a knee support, and certainly not something you can hope to gain from lesser brands. With this increased thermal insulation the joint is kept warm, supple and optimum blood flow is ensured, speeding up warm up times to keep muscles and joints from being pulled into trouble and called out of action.

Right Where You Want It

Anatomically designed for support and stabilisation, these braces have been made for the active knee - run, jump, tackle, your knee support isn’t going anywhere. Neither is it overly clingy, allowing for the muscles around your joint to move correctly and unhindered, keeping injuries supported, future strains at bay, and victory always within reach.  

Whether you’re aiding an ailment, discouraging damage or whipping through a warm up, there’s no excuse for not giving yourself the best possible chance of a winning performance. Going for a try? Try harder with Rehband.  

Visit Health and Care to get your hands on Luther Burrell’s trusty knee supports for men and women!

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