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Puffed Out: Battery Life of Nicolites

1 CommentFriday, 11 September 2015  |  Paul

Congratulations, you’ve decided to give Nicolites a try, these neat little e-cigs that can be smoked anywhere, slipped into a pocket, improve the health of your everyday life...and run out of juice because you forgot to charge the battery.  

Maybe you’ve already found yourself stuck charge-less and cigarette-less, cursing “real cigarettes wouldn’t do this to me!” Infuriating, yes, but keeping an extra battery on hand isn’t so different from carrying a lighter around, and it’s not like your lighter never let you down, either. Batteries are simple to charge and have a great lifespan on them, provided you treat them right.

Giving Life to Your Nicolites

Not only are Nicolites batteries affordable, easy to transport for quick replacement, and able to be charged with whatever you have to hand – USB? Mains? Car? Done! – they even come in four different colours and, most importantly, they improve your health with each passing day. All that the batteries ask in return is a mere 4 hours of charging time — that’s roughly the same as your mobile phone.

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From a single charge you can expect to get 8 hours of power, that’s more than enough time to charge up your spare. With lifespan of over 300 uses, it’ll be months and months before you ever need to worry about a replacement. If you want to keep your hardworking battery at its best though, you ought to treat it with a little respect.

  1. Be true to your charger: You might be tempted by one of Ebay’s knock-off chargers, but these chargers offer a false economy. Unbranded chargers are unlikely to have been tested thoroughly, at best, they just won’t work, at worst, they’ll explode.  
  2. Phone chargers: “Wow, using a phone charger instead of forking out for a Nicolites charger is so handy, why hasn’t everyone thought of this?” Because it doesn’t work.  Confusing your e-cigarette for a phone will in all likelihood break it as mobile adapters deliver far more power than a little e-cig needs.
  3. Neglecting your Nicolites: Old habits die hard and it might be difficult to remember not to leave you e-cig on overnight charge beside your phone until you need it, but leaving it in its charger beyond the necessary 4 hours can lead to it overheating and also drains the overall battery life. You’ll know your e-cig is fully charged when the LED light switches off.
  4. Smoke on, switch off: When your e-cig is ready to go, make sure to turn your charger off, not only is this good sense when it comes to your electricity bills, it will also help lengthen the life and performance of your charger. Over loading plug sockets is also best avoided, as this can damage your charger’s life expectancy.
  5. Power clean: Keeping your battery clean is important to keeping it in top condition. It’s recommended to clean it once a week, unscrewing it and wiping the area where it meets the cartomiser with a clean, lint-free cloth. 

Know Your Charger

There may be many others like it but your charger is yours and so long as you maintain it well, there’s no reason for using anything other than the best. 

Some things are worth looking out for when it comes to picking a charger, although you can forego the effort by simply buying a fully-safe one from Nicolites. If the pins in your charger plug need to be forced into place, or if they fit too loosely then there’s a much higher risk of hazards such as fire. If you find your charger isn’t happy in its plug, you shouldn’t be happy to use it. A CE mark is given to products which meet safety requirements, unfortunately these can also be forged on fake merchandise.  If you also find that your purchased charger comes without instructions, information or indeed, any real packaging, you can be certain that it is not from a reputable source, and not a good thing to use. 

Save yourself the trouble of discerning a good charger from the masses, and pick up a Nicolites Charger from Health and Care.