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Protect Your Cast Or Dressing With A Limbo Waterproof Cast Cover

Tuesday, 12 November 2013  |  Naomi

One of the many downsides of breaking your arm or leg is the difficulty of having a shower or bath every day. Something that you once took for granted becomes a very awkward and time consuming experience! That is where the Limbo Waterproof Cast Protector can help.

Limbo Cast Covers have been designed specifically to cover your cast or dressing whilst you shower and bath. So that means no more plastic bags and elastic bands in the shower! The Limbo is a waterproof cast protector so you can shower and bathe as normal without the fear of getting your cast or dressing wet.

The Limbo Waterproof Cast Cover is a self-sealing, self-supporting garment which protects your cast or dressing by preventing water getting in, keeping your cast or dressing dry! These simple plaster cast protectors are comfortable, non- constricting and durable, just what you need to give you the peace of mind when showering with a cast.

If you have a cast or dressing on your arm, why not give the Limbo Full Arm Waterproof Cast Cover or the Limbo Half Arm Waterproof Cast Cover a try? The Limbo Full Arm Waterproof Cast Protector is ideal if you have a cast or dressing around or above your elbow. The Limbo Full Arm Protector covers the fingers and all the way up the arm to just below the shoulder. If your cast or dressing is only on the lower part of your arm you may like to try the Limbo Half Arm Waterproof Cast Cover.

Limbo Cast Protectors are not just for arms! If your leg or ankle is in plaster or you have had surgery on your knee, there is a Limbo Waterproof Cast Cover for you. The Limbo Knee Cast Protector is different to the Arm Cast Protectors as it is open at both ends, just protecting the knee and surrounding area. For broken legs, a Limbo Full Leg Plaster Cast Protector is the answer. Covering the foot and all the way up to the top of the leg, the Limbo Full Leg Waterproof Cover will keep your cast or dressing dry, giving you peace of mind when showering and bathing.

No limb is forgotten in the Limbo Cast Protector range. If you are looking to just protect your fingers following injury or surgery in the shower or bath, then the Limbo Finger Plaster Cast Protector is for you. The Limbo Elbow Waterproof Cast Cover is an open ended plaster protector similar to the Limbo Knee Cast Cover. The Limbo Elbow Waterproof Cover is also designed to protect PICC lines from getting wet in the shower or bath. 

Limbo Waterproof Cast Protectors are not just for adults either. We all know that children are at risk of breaking arms and legs in the playground or playing sport. Thankfully Limbo has a range of children’s waterproof cast protectors so your child can enjoy a bath or shower without the worry of getting their plaster cast or dressing wet. The Limbo Child Waterproof Cast Covers are suitable from children as young as 4 years old up to 13 year olds. 

The full range of Limbo Waterproof Plaster Cast Protectors is available now from with free UK delivery.