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Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling Video

Tuesday, 7 May 2013  |  Naomi

Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling Video


Welcome to Health and Care. My name's Paul and today I'm going to be looking at the Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling and this is available on our website Health and First of all I'm going to be explaining what this sling is used for. Secondly I'm going to explain a few of the main features of the Blue Vogue Arm Sling including what it's made from and how to wash it. Finally I'll be making sure you get the right size for you and showing you how to put the Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling on.

As you can see the Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling's design is very straight forward. It's a simple envelope or pocket sling and my arm is resting inside the envelope and is very comfortable. The sling has been designed to immobilise the arm, the elbow and the shoulder joints. It is the ideal sling to support your arm if it's in a cast or to support your arm, wrist or hand following injury.

The Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling can be worn on either the left or right arm. Currently I'm wearing it on my left arm but it could be very easily switched over so that I am wearing it on my right. Everything is exactly the same you just switch over the sides. The envelope of the sling which is this pocket or envelope that my arm is resting in is incredibly comfortable. It is made from polyester and cotton, making it breathable, durable and comfortable to wear all day.

There's also a thumb loop as you can see here. Now this stops the sling from migrating backwards down my arm becoming uncomfortable and it also stops my arm from migrating out of the sling, in effect falling out of the sling. The sling itself has these comfortable foam straps. They are about two inches wide and they go around the back of the sling across my shoulder. The straps themselves are fully adjustable. They have velcro on the top here and also on the back just here. This enables you to quickly change the elevation if neccessary and it's that easy to adjust. 

Washing the Procare BLue Vogue Arm Sling is really straight foward. It can be handwashed in cool water with mild soap and simply rinse thoroughly and aid dry.

I've taken the Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling off so that I can show you how to put it on from scratch and this is the most tricky part believe me because I'm doing this on my own and you may be too. If you can always do get some help and initially the sling should be fitted by a healthcare practitioner so your doctor, gp or physio to ensure that you have the right sling for your particular injury and also to shoe you how to put the sling on properly and obtain the right elevation.

First of all I'd like to show you how to get the right size sling and you can do this by checking the table on our website on The crucial measurement is from the tip of the elbow to the base of the little finger so this is the point where your little finger joins you hand. This is the crucial length that you should check out on our website on the measurement table to ensure you have the right size sling for you.

The first step when putting the Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling together is to take this strap. This is the blue and silver strap that is supplied with the sling with the velcro end tabs. You need to take this strap and also take the envelope of the arm sling. I'm putting it on my left arm today. If you're putting it on your right arm just reverse all of my instructions. But first of all you take the envelope which I'm putting on my left arm and at one end which is the elbow end there is this strange shaped hoop. It's like a D or half moon shape and I'm going to put the foam arm sling with the blue side up and the grey side down through that D ring hoop with the D ring at the top, thread it through and double it back on itself sticking the velcro to the blue side of the foam strap. As you can see it's now quite secure and it's certainly going to hold my arm in place. 

The next step is to take the two plastic rings which will be level with my hand when my arm is in the sling and just feed my arm through those two rings. I've found the best way to keep these in place is to hold these two rings up against the body. It looks a bit messy at the moment but you'll be able to see what I'm trying to do. Then you take the other end of the sling which is the elbow end of the sling and you just bring the pocket or envelope up so that your elbow is now in the corner of that envelope. You can then bring the strap across your back and over your unaffected shoulder and it should look a little bit like that.

The strap is now over my shoulder and the strap is not attached to the sling on this side so what we need to do is feed this strap through the two plastic rings and this will complete the sling. I'm going to feed it straight through these two rings, double the strap back on itself with the velcro attaching on the blue fabric. With a little bit of adjustment you will see that the arm sling is now taking shape and my elbow is nicely in the corner and my hand is supported. Simply put your thumb through the thumb loop at this end of the sling. And now to adjust it or the elevate the wrist to your requirements, simply undo the velcro and reattach anywhere on the foam strap.

This is highly adjustable and will enable you to get the correct elevation for your particular injury. Iron out any gatherings of the fabric and as you can see the Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling is in place and is very comfortable indeed