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Preventing and Treating Bed Sores or Decubitus Ulcers

Monday, 17 November 2014  |  Paul

Pressure ulcers are also known as bed sores, pressure sores or decubitus ulcers are sores which develop on the skin usually over a bony part of the body such as heels, elbows or coccyx as a result of pressure. These sores can often occur when a person has very limited mobility and must stay still for longer periods of time which causes pressure to build up.

This can often occur in the elderly or for people suffering from terminal or serious illnesses and conditions. In these circumstances it is very important to keep the person as comfortable as possible both for their wellbeing and physical health to help prevent pressure sores from developing or worsening.

Many people in these circumstances feel a lot happier at home than in hospital where possible but arranging pressure relief equipment and knowing how to treat pressure sores at home can be a daunting prospect. A cost effective and easy to use method for decubitus ulcer treatment and for slowing decubitus ulcer staging is a bed fleece. There are many sizes and styles available to suit all circumstances and price points to help you care for your loved ones at home.

Treatment for bedsores and preventing bed sores can become more manageable and affordable with a fleece product which will usually take the form of a wool bed topper, wool mattress pad or wool mattress topper. The method of sheepskin pressure sore relief is a great natural way to treat pressure sores at home.

Pressure Relief Bed Fleece £19.99-£69.99

The Pressure Relief Bed Fleeces are made from 100% pure new wool and they have the unique ability to absorb perspiration and keep the skin dry.  This allows the skin to breathe more effectively which is very important in pressure areas. Lamb's wool high density 1" deep pile distributes pressure more evenly giving immediate comfort relief.

Cosynite Wool Underblanket £79.99-£99.99

The Cosynite Wool Underblanket  is designed to restore sound, natural, comfortable sleep in the most natural and effective way. It cushions sensitive joints with a layer of warm air trapped in the soft natural fibres supporting aching muscles, retaining body heat and reducing cold spots in the bed. The Cosynite Wool Underblanket encourages blood circulation and reduces the likeliness of waking in the night from discomfort, pins & needles, numbness and feeling cold for a night of deep,

Pressure Relief Natural Full Sheepskin Fleece £99.99-£189.99

The Pressure Relief Natural Full Sheepskin Fleece Double features a luxurious 100% natural dense medical sheepskin fleece which provides instant comfort and support but is incredibly soft to touch. It evenly distributes body weight, providing gentle joint stress relief and absorbs moisture to keep you feeling dry and comfortable for proven shear, friction and pressure ulcer prevention.

Visit Health and Care for our full range of pressure relief equipment including pressure relief bed fleeces, heel and elbow fleece protectors and wheelchair fleeces all with free UK delivery.