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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

If you don't break a sweat while running, you're doing it wrong. But sweating, especially from the face or head, is not always as acceptable as during a workout, or on a hot summer day. If you seem to be sweating even when there's no real cause behind it, you're most likely here because you are trying to stop this embarrassing yet generally harmless problem.

What Causes Excessive Head and Face Sweating?

Sweating usually doesn't occur completely without reason. In some cases, excessive face sweating is caused by a medical condition called craniofacial hyperhidrosis, and is thought to be the result of overactive sweat glands. Other potential causes are often hormonal, such as menopause or puberty.

More often than not, excessive sweating is caused by stress or a less-than-ideal lifestyle. This is good news, because these cases of excessive face sweating can easily be stopped without any drastic measures, such as anticholinergic medication, botox injections, or undergoing surgery. We've put together a list of low-cost, quick and painless suggestions you can try out to help your face stop sweating.

1. Try One of the Many Home Remedies

The best place to start is with remedies that cost little to nothing, are completely harmless and quick to test. As with most home remedies there is no real scientific evidence behind these suggestions, but some people report achieving great results.

Cucumber Juice

Naturally cooling, with anti-inflammatory properties, cucumbers are used to treat a range of skin conditions, so no wonder they are recommended to help you with facial sweating as well. All you need to do is juice a fresh cucumber, soak a cotton pad in the juice and swipe on the skin to keep you cool for hours.

Reduce Inflammation with Refreshing Cucumber

Cucumber Slices

Similarly to cucumber juice, slicing a cucumber and putting the slices of this refreshing vegetable on your face can potentially reduce sweating. In any case, it will cool you down and help to moisturise your skin, keeping it looking tight and youthful.

Ice Cubes

Another refreshing solution is to simply place ice cubes in a soft cloth and rub it over your face. By physically chilling your face, you are tricking your nervous system into believing that you're not hot, which can help shut down sweat gland production.

Chill Your Face with Cooling Ice Cubes

Drinking Fresh Buttermilk

Fresh buttermilk is packed with nutrients B12, calcium and potassium, which are all very important in keeping your body working at its maximum capacity. It is also said to aid digestion and reduce body temperature, both of which are important factors in stopping excessive sweating.

2. Change Your Diet

Closely related to the previous point, a balanced diet will keep your body working the way it's supposed to, which includes stopping excessive sweating. We all know the basic principles of a healthy diet: avoid processed foods; eat plenty of fruits and veggies, lean protein and complex carbs; and keep your body well hydrated. There are, however, a few extra steps you can take that might help you with sweating excessively:

  • Sodium helps to control hydration levels in your body, so taking in either too much or too little sodium can cause sweating.
  • Spicy food is well known for causing breakouts of sweat. Though continuous excessive sweating is most likely not linked to eating a spicy meal every once in a while, try to avoid indulging in spicy foods too often.
  • Alcohol consumption will only make matters worse. Though not drinking alcohol will most likely not make you sweat any less, you might want to avoid giving your glands an excuse to produce even more sweat.

3. Remove Stress from Your Life

As is the case with many conditions without an apparent cause, stress can be the reason, or one of the reasons, behind your annoying problem. Think of the situations that make you break out in sweat, then try to avoid them, or at least come prepared. A good idea is to take up yoga and meditation, or if you lack the time, try to do a few easy breathing exercises that will calm you down.

Remove Stress by Meditating

4. Wear Breathable Clothing

It may seem obvious, but clothes that trap sweat and increase body temperature will cause your face and head to break out in sweat. This mainly includes synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, rayon, denim, or spandex. Opt for these breathable alternatives instead:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Chambray
  • Moisture wicking fabrics

Wear Breathable Clothing Like This Light Summer Dress

5. Use a Sweat Blocker

If all else fails, it's always reassuring to know that there are several over-the-counter products available to help you stop excessive facial sweating. Here at Health and Care we stock some of the best solutions for excessive sweating out there.

Antiperspirant Gels

Regular antiperspirants can be used virtually anywhere on the body, from your hands and feet, to your back and chest. Face antiperspirants, however, are made to be exceptionally gentle on the skin, leaving no facial residue, deposit or stickiness behind.

Neat 3B Face Saver Gel

We strongly recommend the Neat 3B Face Saver Gel that is not only invisible, but can even work as a primer, keeping your makeup looking fresh even in hot weather. The Perspi Guard Sensitive Aluminium Free Antiperspirant works in the same way as botox injections. It does so by acting on specific proteins and blocking the biochemical mechanism that induces the release of acetylcholine and the subsequent secretion of fluid from the eccrine sweat glands.

Sweat Block Wipes

Antiperspirant wipes work in a similar way to gels. They only need to be applied once or twice a week to offer long-term sweat protection.

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Pads

Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Wipes are unscented and gentle on the skin, so you can safely use them on your face and other delicate areas of your body. Similarly, SweatBlock Antiperspirant Pads are individually wrapped pads that have been soaked in an exceptionally strong antiperspirant solution and can stop excessive sweating for over six days.