Pressure Relief Cushions - An Unusual Coccyx Cushion Request

2 CommentsMonday, 5 November 2012  |  Paul

I received a call from a gentleman whose elderly mother was bed-bound in hospital and who was suffering with pressure sores on her coccyx. 

Ordinarily, one of our coccyx cushions such as the Drive Medical Coccyx Cushion would be the sort of item that may be suitable. However, the gentleman then informed me that his mother spent most of her hours in a reclining position of approximately 135°. Most coccyx cushions are angled with a slope at the front to help tilt the pelvis forward, encouraging a more natural sitting position. This however would have been counter-productive as the lady is regularly leaning backward for prolonged periods.

I then suggested that a flat cushion with a coccyx cut-out, such as the Harley Proform Coccyx Cushion, may be worth exploring. However, I then established that my customer’s mother’s pressure sores were quite extensive and she was clearly a ‘High Risk’ patient. This meant that the Harley Proform Coccyx Cushion would not be suitable as most of the coccyx cut-out cushions are designed for low to medium risk patients due to their more basic foam construction.

The solution was to opt for a more advanced gel pressure relief cushion with no specific coccyx cut out yet a far superior ability to relieve pressure. Gel has a greater ability to relieve pressure than standard foam even without the coccyx cut-out due to its excellent ability to mould to the form of a person sitting on it and dissipate pressure evenly. In the end, a Systam Duoform Gel Pressure Relief Cushion was the perfect solution to this unusual query.

Please note, this blog post does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as a method of treatment. It is provided as a narrative of an unusual enquiry. Always consult a medical professional when deciding upon a pressure relief product to ensure that you purchase the correct cushion for your or your patient's particular requirements.